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How do I report a concern?

When making the decision to report a concern you have, it can often feel intimidating and overwhelming. Please use the following guidelines to help you with the first step, “Where do I report?”.

Please also use the provided links which will help you get in touch with the appropriate people.


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you are not sure who to contact with a concern please contact Safe Sport Staff at the National Office and we will be sure to talk through your concern, answer your questions and connect you with the correct people.


 Please see the ATLA Grievance Procedure linked below



ATLA Safe Sport Coordinator: Bill Nichols


To deal with a safe sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578 or Deal with a Safe Sport Concern.


Contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report. Call 833-5US-SAFE (587-7233) or use the online reporting form.


More information can always be found at





Updated 10/1/2022