Masters Swimming - Fall/Winter 2021

New Schedule begins October 5th at the Eastwood pool in South Burlington.

        Tuesday/Thursday: 5:45-6:45 am, 7-8am, 11-12 noon (5 lanes)

        Saturday: 7-8:15 am (5v lanes)

​What is Masters?

The Edge Masters Swim is a welcoming and open community of people who love to swim! Team members work towards fitness and competitive swimming goals through varied and vigorous workouts, all while having FUN!

Swimmers come from a variety of swimming backgrounds including fitness swimmers, former age-group swimmers, competitive high school and collegiate swimmers, triathletes, and open water marathon swimmers. Our focus is working hard and having fun while we constantly improve our swimming! Although the many of the members compete in some way throughout the year, there is no pressure to do so. U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) is a national swimming organization with nearly 65,000 Masters swimmers across the country. Members of USMS recieve benefits such as SWIMMER magazine, sanctioned events, and more. 

Please note: due to limited pool space,Masters Swim Team is not a learn to swim program at this time. Swimmers must have the endurance to swim 200-300 yards. Swimmers must also be able circle swim in a shared lane with other swimmers of the same speed. 

   Lead Coach Emily Mitchell

Lead Masters Coach Emily Mitchell (she/her) is a USMS Level 2 coach, a USA Swimming Coach, and Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) certified. She brings 20+ years of classroom teaching experinece to the pool deck, making the masters workouts fun, thought-provoking, challenging and exciting.

Emily has competed in many open water swimming events, including the length of Lake Willoughby and 10K in Lake Memphermagog, finished Ironman Lake Placid in 2003 with a sub-hour swim, and has a top-10 New England Masters ranking in the 200 Meter Back.  Emily is also an assistant coach on the Edge Swim Club. 

Other coaches who assist include Charles P. and Kitty Frazier. All coaches may coach on deck and from the water. 


Covid precautions in place include a 15-minute buffer between practice groups and spacing within the lane. Beginning October 18, all participants must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.  Please ask a coach for your lane assignment . 

Locker rooms are currently open.

Do not attend practice if you are sick. 

Fall/Winter Practice 2021-22 (subject to change based on current Covid restrictions and regulations)









5:45-6:45am TBD 5:45-6:45am


7:00-8:00am 7:00-8:00am
11:00am-12:00pm 11:00am-12:00pm




Masters Fee- All Master Swimmers must be a member of the EDGE. Visiting swimmers should be members of USMS and pay the drop in fee. 

  Member Visiting Swimmers
Daily Drop-In   $16
Monthly $25  





Why should I swim Masters?
We think that Masters swimming is a great way to stay in shape, have fun, and achieve long term health and fitness goals. But we'll let this video do the talking! There are plenty of other reasons, too! Watch this video to learn more!

I just graduated high school/college, and I'm not sure if Masters is the right fit for me?
Humans of all ages come to our practices, from 18 to 92! Plenty of college students will drop in for a practice or two during their semester breaks, and our group is very welcoming to all newcomers. You'll feel like a part of the team in no time!

What's the benefit of swimming Masters?
The primary benefit of swimming with a Masters Swim group is having a coach write your workout, lane-mates to keep you going, and a coach to watch your stroke. Success in swimming, unlike cycling or running, is heavily dependent on technique and coach and teammate feedback is really helpful! 

I have never swum before but am interested in starting. What do I do?
Learning to swim is such an important skill, competitive or not! The EDGE has plenty of lesson programs that will help you take that necessary leap to learn to swim. Email [email protected] to learn more about lessons and pricing. 

I know how to swim, but I'm nervous I'll slow the group down or that I won't know the "swimming language?"
Don’t be! We design our workouts to be adjustable for all levels and you may well find a group of kindred swimmers in a lane who naturally match your pace. And don't worry about the lingo;  U.S. Master Swimming (USMS) has developed a GREAT resource guide for just that purpose. Plus, Coach Emily is great at providing detailed explanations of each set!

Do I have to attend a certain number of practices each week? 

While attending as much a possible is always encouraged, we are all adults with a lot going on! Come to the practice time that works for you and your life, and we will make sure you have a great workout. 



More Information 

If you'd like to start attending Masters practices, or if you have any additional questions, Head Coach Emily Mitchell can be reached at [email protected], or [email protected]

Masters swimmers may also choose to register as a US Masters Swimmer as part of the New England Masters Swim Club (NEM) to receive national US Masters Swimming benefits.

Not quite ready to jump into the Masters Swim Team? The EDGE offers Adult Learn to Swim lesson, both in a group and private setting. Email [email protected] to learn more about lessons. 


Annual Events

September - KICKING appreciation month
October - Breastroke Awareness Month! & Halloween Monster Kick
November - Fall-BACKstroke Month! and 1-hour swim prep
December - 100 x 100  to celebrate New Years
January - 1-hour e-Postal Swim ​
March - NE Short Course Yard Championships at Harvard University
July - Kingdom Swim
August - Swim the Kingdom Week

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South Burlington, Vermont 05403