Training Levels

The EDGE has five main training groups throughout the year: Gold I, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter.

A new swimmer's training level is determined by an assessment with a team coach. Assessments can be scheduled at anytime of the year. Contact [email protected] Training level placements and training level decisions are determined solely by the coaching staff.

The EDGE Swim Clubs levels are USA Swimming Olympic structured development programs. Swimmers should be process driven with a desire to achieve New England and USA swimming competitive success. Training at the EDGE Swim Club involves progressive aerobic conditioning, dynamic biomechanical instruction, race-pace training, training of all four competitive strokes, and varied dryland sessions. In addition, select level programs will receive psychological conditioning and training and nutrition counseling. In addition to performance in the pool, swimmers are expected to be exemplary role models for the whole team.


Gold - Overview

Head Coach: John Pearce, [email protected]


Swimmers in our Gold program are expected to embody the EDGE values of hard work, discipline, friendliness, respect, sportsmanship, and the focus of process over outcome. Gold is for swimmers typically ages 13 and older who are interested in training a minimun of 5 times per week.  

  • Requirements:

    • Generally age 13 or older

    • Focus on process over outcome. Minimum 5 practices a week.

    • Display great discipline, focus, and leadership skills

    • Able to swim for 45 minutes straight without stopping and can repeat 400 IM, 200 Fly, 200 Bk, 200 Breast, and 500 Free's. Average practices are between 4500 and 8000 yards

Gold I

Swimmers in the Gold I programs are committed to training at a National level. Gold I is typically for swimmers ages 13 and older who are commited to training 7 practices a week. General Requirements:

    • Swimming is the highest extracurricular priority.

    • An ability and commitment to swim at the highest level and achieve success at sectional, junior national, national, and collegiate levels.

    • Able to swim either 30 x 100 on 115 Fr, or 30 x 100 on 125 IM.




Silver - Overview

Lead Coach: Kitty Frazier, [email protected]


Typically for swimmers ages 11 and older who are interested in becoming more committed to the sport of swimming and who train 4 or more times per week. Swimmers will learn and develop advanced racing skills and strategies in all four strokes. Swimmers will improve their discipline, focus, and leadership skills as they progress.  Silver swimmers are encouraged to swim at local meets. 

  • General Requirements:

    • Age 11 or older

    • Display EDGE values such as hard work, discipline, friendliness, respect, sportsmanship, and the focus of process over outcome

  • Performance Ability Requirements:

    • Perform all four competitive strokes without disqualification.

    • Ability to complete 20 x 100 on 150 Fr or 20 x 100 IM on 2



Bronze - Overview

The EDGE Swim Club Bronze groups is a guided programs that focuses on introducing athletes to the wonderful sport of swimming to pursue their goals in the sport.  They are committed to learning all four competitive strokes, turns, starts, and racing skills. Technique is the primary focus.

Bronze - Requirements

Fun and challenging training program for young athletes with swim team experience. The focus is on improving technique, racing skills, endurance, and training capacity.  Expected to swim a minimum of 3 practices per week.

  • General Requirements:

  • Able to swim 12 laps in a row without stopping and comfortable swimming all 4 strokes.


Pewter - Overview

Our Pewter athletes partake in several team activities.  Pewter swimmers will be gradually introduced to interval training, goal-setting, sportsmanship, and leadership to lay the foundation for future success both in and out of the pool.

Pewter - Requirements

Fun beginner-novice level program for swimmers typically ages 6 and older. Swimmers will improve basics and develop skills in four strokes and learn racing starts and turns. Pewter level swimmers are encouraged to swim at meets. 

  • General Requirements:

    • Ages 6 and up.

    • Able to swim 4 laps in a row without stopping.

    • Comfortable swimming freestyle and backstroke with a knowledge of breaststoke and butterfly.


Monthly Dues


  Member - Monthly Guest - Monthly
Pewter $175 $210
Bronze $210 $240
Silver $230 $265
Gold $305 $345
Gold 1 $330 $365


Advancing Through the Levels


Training level changes are determined by the coaching staff.

Time, Ability, & Potential
Current training must be at or near the standard for each group. Performance is only one of several considerations. 

Training Ability
Ability to swim through the workout including the sets and intervals, as well as kicking sets and underwater training. The ability to train with focus and discipline.

Stroke technique should be efficient. 

Maturity, includes responsibility, discipline, accountability, and integrity. A swimmer
moving up should be a positive influence on the group.

Attendance should be higher than the minimum standard for their training group.

Additional Notes on Training Level Placement
This document serves as a guide for swimmers and families.

Coaching staff will makes all decisions concerning group placement.

We may place an athlete into any group if we believe it is in the best interest of that athlete's development, regardless of meeting any other move up criteria. 



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