Summer Team: Week 2 In Review

Logan Hall-Potvin


  • We’ve concluded week two of our summer fun, and we are SO thrilled with how everything played out! Our Mock Meet went by quickly but was super informative for new families, our first Fun Friday was a great success, and thanks to the amazing families on our team we’re confident this is going to be our BEST summer yet.


  • Jesse Parsons! Jesse was so loud and supportive of his teammates (both new and returning) at the Mock Meet, in practice, and even on his Fun Friday relay! He was handing out high fives, saying “Good Job!” and doing everything that we look for in our swimmers. Good job, Jesse!
  • Elizabeth Parent! Elizabeth helped her new teammates get acclimated to summer swim meets by lending a helping hand at the Mock Meet, and her positive energy in and out of the pool was greatly appreciated by her teammates and the coaching staff! She also wrote out this coming week’s events on our helpful Chalkboard Wall. Great job, Elizabeth!
  • See a swimmer who goes the extra mile in terms of sportsmanship and being a great teammate? Sing their praise by using THIS FORM.


  • Our returning families helped out SO much as our new families tried out new volunteer positions and helped their swimmers get acclimated to the hectic and FUN world of summer swim meets. We’re so thankful for our parent volunteers!
  • Our athletes did a tremendous job supporting one another and helping their new teammates figure everything out. We slowed the pace of the meet down and explained how things work, and it was a great success. Well done, swimmers!
  • Congratulations to our LONG list of first-time participants, we hope you had a BLAST and are so excited to have you on the team: Eleanor Brady, Leo Frank, Emily Gay Lila Lamphere, Griffin Newberry, Anastasia Plavshudina, Maria Plavshudina, Finn Shonstrom, Leela Sides, Reed Tomasi, Gavin Vogt, Amayah Walker, Violet Wenschhof, Eleanor White, and Parker Wildey!
  • Meet results are always posted under the ARCHIVES tab of the website. Times with “VSA” next to them indicate that the swimmer has qualified for the VSA State Championship Meet in the event(s)


  • Our 11 & Older swimmers participated in a fun game of Water Baseball, as well as Water Polo!
  • Our 10 & Youngers then joined in the fun with the older kids by building a “raft” for their team to transport the youngest swimmer across the pool. They also had a contest for the most creative structure. How fun!
  • As usual, we concluded with some goofy relays, and a bagel brunch! Stay tuned for next week’s Fun Friday: a team Hike to Mt. Philo at 10:00 AM!

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