Congratulations to our graduating seniors.  We have been so pleased and proud to have you ALL committed to your training and the team this ENTIRE YEAR!  We hope to leave you with some great GMA memories to carry you into your exciting college swimming journey!

2016 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Peter Mikheyev - West Point Academy

Ashley Warren - Ithaca College

Emily Winget - The Ohio State University (Club Swimming)


2015 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Katie Aman - Middlebury College

Chandler Brandes - University of Vermont

Ian Griffith - Marymount University

Katherine King - Colby College

Maddie Limanek - University of Vermont

Delphine Vandal - University of Ottawa


2014 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Andrew Gadbois - Catholic University of America

Aidan Hartswick - Ithaca College

Alexy Novelli - University of Vermont

Sarah Winget - Carnegie Mellon​


2013 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Class of 2017

Hayley Booher - Gustavus  Adolphus College

Evan Grey - Georgetown University

Jenna Griffith  - University of Utah

Tasija Karosas - University of Texas

Lindsay McNall - Saint Michael's College

Evie Mitchell - Connecticut College


2012 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Class of 2016

Galen Broido - University of North Carolina Ashville

David Lazarovich - Brandeis University

Michael Ubert - University of Iowa

Christa Weaver - University of Vermont

Michael Winget - Tufts University


2011 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Class of 2015

Krystyna Estrada - Colby Sawyer College

Jen Gavell - Colby Sawyer College

Dylan Hall - American University

Maya Lazarovich - Mount Holyoke

Molly Russell - Manhattan College

Nick Spaniel - Denison University


2010 GMA GRADUATING SENIORS - Swimming in college

Class of 2014

Becky Anderson - George Mason University

Merritt Boardman - Denison University

Taylor Grey - University of Virginia

Julie Mullowney - Saint Michael's College

Patrick Murphy - University of Texas

David Wood - Union College



Class of 2013

Hayley Martin - University of New Mexico

Alex Suppan - University of Denver

Caroline Weaver - Harvard University