GMA Reminders and Reflections 2/5/21

Laura Matuszak

Dear GMA swimmers, parents and coaches,

As we begin the month of February and enter our 12th month of our GMA Team in pandemic-mode, we want to take the time to THANK YOU for your tremendous commitment to our team and to our swimming family.  Every week in the last year has involved new challenges for us and disruptions in your family lives.  Time management, technology use, social connection and family time have been altered to keep our communities safe.  THANK YOU for staying committed to this process and thank you for your vital role on our GMA Team.

We are looking ahead to continued opportunities and changes for our team in 2021.  We are hopeful that we will be able to compete in new and different ways at some point this year.  We are focused on returning to our home facility at Saint Michael's College as soon as we are invited to do so.  We are anticipating a spring swimming season that is similar to our winter swimming season and a summer with lots of swimming in outdoor pools!   We will continue to train together in our current schedule until April 16th and the school spring break period.  We plan to return to either our current schedule or a schedule with more local training options on May 3rd and we look forward to growing our team, our team connections and our sport of swimming as 2021 progresses!

With this planning in mind, we ask that our athletes continue to commit to our scheduled training times.  When we have our full training groups present on Zoom and in the pool, we have tremendous team energy and joy.  We are at our BEST as athletes and people when we are TOGETHER.  We thank you all so much for making the necessary changes in your daily routines to commute to our current training facilities and to attend GMA Zoom calls.  Please keep up the GREAT WORK GMA.  The impact YOU have in the lives of one another is truly astounding!

I also ask that we, as a team, take some time to reflect and brainstorm.  We have the opportunity to build our team and our sport in 2021 in new and exciting ways.  We want to be intentional in the ways that we connect with our community and share our love of sport in Vermont.  We want to hear your ideas for how we can create equal opportunities for swimming in Vermont and how we can be a part of making swimming an equitable sport for all.  We are gaining a personal understanding of what it feels like to be denied opportunities to train and compete in the ways that work for us.  We can use this understanding and make our sport better for EVERYONE in 2021!

Please feel free to text, e-mail or call me with your ideas and suggestions for creating a more equitable GMA and a more equitable sport of swimming.  We are excited to work with you in swimming to learn and grow as people!  Here's to lots of GMA  improvements in 2021!


Laura Matuszak, GMA Head Coach

802-238-9168, [email protected]