GMA Team Updates - Tuesday 2/23/21

Laura Matuszak

Dear GMA swimmers, parents and coaches,

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful week of school break!  The weather has been so beautiful for outdoor activities and the light is returning in the evening, which makes it even more fun to be outside and enjoy the natural beauty around us!  We are so happy that we are able to continue swimming together over these winter months.  We are seeing such growth and improvement in ALL of our GMA athletes and we look forward to celebrating our progress as a TEAM over the final 8 weeks of our 2020-2021 short course season.  

As we continue to follow the State mandates for youth sports, we are working to keep our community virus free.  We have been fortunate to have very little Covid-19 illnesses in and around our swimming community.  Since very few of us will be vaccinated before the summer months, it is so important that we continue to follow the guidelines from the State of Vermont.  We want to continue to coach, we want our athletes to continue to go to school and play sports and we want our families to remain healthy throughout the winter and spring months.  ALL of our GMA families are reminded that the State mandates for youth sports specifically state: "Discourage multi-household carpools to team-based activities".  We know that our GMA families need to carpool in order their our athletes to attend practices.  We ask that you please take care to wear masks when confined to your cars if you are carpooling with people outside of your immediate household and we encourage you to crack a window in the car to increase the flow of fresh air into the confined space of the car.  We thank you so much for taking care of your health and the health of others.  Please keep up the GREAT work GMA!  

Please click HERE to read the updated guidance for youth sports from the State of Vermont.

Given the uncertainty, changes and regular updates to youth sports competitions, we are feeling exceptionally fortunate to have been invited to participate in swim meets at UVAC in March.  Please click HERE to link to the UVAC Winter Meets information on our website to review the basics.  Here is the key information for this week:

  • Meet sign-ups for the March 6-7 weekend are DUE NO LATER THAN Sunday 2/28/21.
  • Athletes are assigned to 1 session per weekend for each meet.  Athletes must swim in their age group at their assigned session in order to limit the number of participants in the facility.  These breakdowns are noted on the Meet Information page.
  • The sessions will be very short.  They are scheduled to run fewer than 2 hours.
  • The coaches will work with the athletes to help them choose 3-4 events per weekend and 6-10 events total to race over the course of the 3 weekends.  We want to help the athletes choose a good compliment of events that are well spaced out within each meet session structure.
  • We hope everyone can participate!  What an awesome way for GMA to celebrate the start of 2021 together!!

Finally, our GMA Senior Group athletes are reminded of the following:

  • Please bring your paddles, snorkels, buoys, bands and fins to practices each day.
  • GMA juniors and seniors in high school are invited to a College Acceptance Meeting on Thursday, March 4th after our team meeting at 7:30 PM.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Laura Matuszak, GMA Head Coach

802-238-9168, [email protected]