UVAC March Vermont Invitational Meet 1 - FINAL TEAM REMINDERS

Laura Matuszak

Hello GMA swimmers, parents and coaches!


How excited are WE that we get to RACE at The UVAC March Vermont Invitational Meet 1 this weekend?  We are very grateful to the UVAC staff and swim team for all of their extra hard work.  Thanks to their thoughtful sacrifices, we are able to compete this month.  While swim meets look much different than we are used to, we are thrilled that our athletes have this chance to challenge themselves and have FUN through competition.  


Our focus as a TEAM this weekend is to embrace the opportunity to race by putting in our BEST EFFORT in each event, by choosing POSITIVE ATTITUDES throughout the competition, and SUPPORTING our TEAMMATES with kindness and positivity.  We think it is vital that our athletes focus on what it feels like to race at their maximal effort and that they choose to focus on the positive aspects of their racing.  This is a time to focus on our TEAM VALUES of commitment, dedication and positivity.  We emphasize CHARACTER and SPORTSMANSHIP and we can’t wait to celebrate the AWESOMELY FUN experience of RACING!

Please remember there will be NO Senior Group practices in Berlin on Saturday 3/6/21 or Sunday 3/7/21.  There will be NO Age Groups practice in Saint Albans on Saturday 3/6/21.  There will be NORMAL Age Groups practice in Saint Albans on Sunday 3/7/21 and NORMAL Regional Group practice at the Delta Hotel on Sunday 3/7/21.




Please click HERE for the GMA Meet Entries

Please click HERE and read all of the important safety and meet organization information from the meet director.



Saturday 3/6/21 Morning (Girls 11 and Under, Boys 10 and Under):

Lanes 9-10


ON DECK at 9:40 AM

IN POOL from 9:55-10:15 AM

Saturday 3/6/21 Mid-Day (Girls 12-14, Boys 11-12):

Lanes 1-5


ON DECK at 12:55 PM

IN POOL from 1:10-1:30 PM

Saturday 3/6/21 Afternoon (Girls 15 and Older):

Lanes 8-10


ON DECK at 4:15 PM

IN POOL from 4:30-4:55 PM

Sunday 3/7/21 Afternoon (Boys 13 and Older):

Lanes 7-10


ON DECK at 2:45 PM

IN POOL from 3:00-3:25 PM


Saturday 3/6/21 Mid-Day (Girls 12-14, Boys 11-12):

Session begins at 1:30 PM

2 GMA Timers

Jackman and Drury          

Saturday 3/6/21 Afternoon (Girls 15 and Older):

Session begins at 4:55 PM

1 GMA Timer

Events # 59-63  Lemieux

Events # 64-69  Hemmett

Sunday 3/7/21 Afternoon (Boys 13 and Older):

Session begins at 3:55 PM

1 GMA Timer

Events # 129-133  Ahearn

Events # 134-139  Antonovich


Here are some key details about the on-deck meet experience for our athletes:


  • Swimmers will move around the pool in a clockwise manner

    • One heat gathering on the side of the pool by lane 1 - with their masks on

    • One heat moving behind the blocks - staying 8-10 feet back - with their masks still on

    • One heat in the water

      • Morning sessions - no warm-down after a heat

      • Middle sessions - For events 100 yards or longer, 50 warm-down in the lane immediately after all swimmers in the heat have finished

      • Afternoon/Older Kids sessions - automatic 50 yard warm-down in the lane after each heat

    • Swimmers behind the blocks will stay back (with their masks on) until the previous heat has exited the pool, put their masks on and moved to the side of the pool

    • The new heat will then be called up to the blocks (3 whistles) when they will then remove their masks and then follow the starter's commands

  • When swimmers climb out of the water, they put their mask back on and exit the start end by going over towards the starter/computer area.

  • There will be no general warm-up / warm-down lanes during the session.  The one exception is there will be a group warm-up/down break in the middle of the afternoon sessions.  

    • First group warm-ups teams will get 10 minutes - swimmers using the same lanes they used in warm-ups

    • Second group warm-ups teams will then get 10 minutes - swimmers using the same lanes they used in warm-ups

    • We will do another 10 minute break before the 400 IM

  • Everyone will be wearing masks at all times except for the swimmers on the block or in the water.  

  • Teams must remain masked and socially distanced.

  • The meet will run slow to allow for safe movement of athletes.

  • The events will move fast, especially in the first two sessions each day.  Most events only have 1-2 heats and some events have no swimmers.   Pay attention to event numbers and heat sheets in order to send you swimmers to the staging area over by lane 1 

  • The meet will be pre-seeded. Families will receive the heat sheets via GMA team e-mail.


Green Mountain Aquatics Short Course 2020-2021:


The following reminders and guidelines are offered to our families to ensure that ALL GMA swimmers, parents and coaches enjoy FUN and SUCCESSFUL meet experiences!

1. Please arrive at the pool early. All swimmers need to be on deck ready to swim 15 minutes prior to the scheduled warm-up time. Please stay for the entire session in which you are swimming. Stay to participate on relays, to help clean up the pool area and to cheer on your teammates.

2. Please arrive on time for your meet job. Please plan to stay for the entire meet session.

3. Please introduce yourselves to GMA parents and to parents from other teams. We would like to create a cordial and open atmosphere at meets. Please do your part to be sure that all families feel welcome.

4. Parents are reminded that ONLY parents assigned to work on deck, swimmers and coaches are to be on deck.

5. Please pack the following for your swimmers:

2 GMA racing caps (black with the newest GMA team logo)

2 pairs of goggles (shaded or mirrored for outdoor meets)

GMA team suit

GMA team shirt

GMA team apparel

At least 3 towels

Nutritious food and drinks only (Athletes eat meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some fruit that provide their bodies with healthy carbs, protein and fats for fuel.)

6. Swimmers are responsible for the following:

Knowing their meet events

Knowing their personal best times

Knowing their goals for each event

Talking to a coach before and after every race

Getting to their heats and lanes by themselves

Cheering for their teammates during the ENTIRE session (do not leave until the session is over and our team area is fully cleaned)

Demonstrating great sportsmanship and team spirit

Resting/ sleeping in bed at least one hour in between prelims and finals sessions

Warming up before each event, warming down after each event and maintaining any prescribed physical therapy routine.

7. At meets, the coaching staff will conduct and supervise warm-up procedures for the team.  Before and after each race, the coaches will offer feedback regarding the swimmers performance.

8.  It is the parent’s job to offer love and understanding regardless of their athlete’s performances. It is not the parent’s job to coach the swimmer on stroke technique, racing strategy or any other technical aspects of the sport. Please be patient with your child and remember that learning to be a champion requires time, experience and encouragement.  The meet experiences and your child’s self worth should not be measured by the number of personal best times achieved alone. GMA swimmers are wonderful young people who need to be recognized for their great attitudes and their excellent effort in each race!

9. Please WEAR YOUR GMA ATTIRE and represent your team with pride, respect and spirit!

Let’s have some FUN with ATTITUDES of GRATITUDE and FAST SWIMMING!  Here we GO GMA!!



Laura Matuszak, GMA Head Coach

802-238-9168, [email protected]