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Swim-A-Thon 2021
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DEC 31
Time: 12:00 PM
Laura Matuszak Email
We look forward to our annual one-hour swim to test our endurance and to swim with purpose together! This year will be different from year's past as we put extra effort into keeping our community safe and helping Vermont take the next steps in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. We can't wait for a safe, healthy and positive Swim-A-Thon during our Saturday practices at the end of January! We THANK YOU for your interest and support of our SPORT!
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$275.00 Luke Austin
$150.00 Zachary Jackman
$150.00 Abigail Jackman
$112.50 Riley Drury
$112.50 Jacob Drury
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$675.00 Big Dawgs
$605.00 Age Group
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$1,280.00 Temporary Travel Sites