New England Swimming

Dear LSSC swimmers,

LSSC provides lifeguard certifications classes through our Liquid Space Lifeguard Training Program.   Liquid Space Lifeguard Training is a full Red Cross certification class, along with Surf Rescue component. 

Coach Kiely and Joe Vingi have designed this program to best prepare our swimmers for employment on local beaches.  Joe Vingi is the Narragansett Town Beach Surf rescue Captain. Combining Red Cross Certification in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, open water rescue swim training, surf rescue techniques including 2 man/4man rescues, paddleboard skills, torp & line swimming.





Lifeguard Maual for reading and review.



RI State Conditional Surf Test:ing Dates 2020

Conditional Surf Test for LSLT lifeguards

When: May 21st, Schedule Appt on DEM website

Where: Scarborough State Beach

Needed: Lifeguard certification, photo  I.D. And verification of date of birth, $10, and if 16 or 17, a parent or guardian to sign the waiver.  

A wetsuit is highly recommend.