18 & Under World 100s
New England Swimming
Level 1

LSSC Athlete Rep 2021:  Izzy Giannetto

  • At-Large Athlete Rep for the HOD: Izzy Giannetto

LSSC Athlete Rep 2021: Quinn Powers

  • Alternate HOD Athlete Delegate: Quinn Powers


MISSION STATEMENT of the NE Swimming Athlete Reps:
Build an active community in which New England swimmers are a significant influence in legislative decisions made by New England Swimming that nourish their athletic and individual growth.

  • How can you as a NE Swimmer be heard?
  • Do you have a suggestion about a meet, award, safety, education or the website?
  • You have four athlete reps who are your connection to the NE Swimming Board of Directors. Their job is to serve the athletes in NE Swimming by listening to you, and bringing your suggestions and ideas to the administrators who make the decisions in our LSC.Contact one, or all of the athletes listed below and share your ideas, concerns or thoughts! Athletes are the best resource on making decisions for the LSC so contact your rep today and have a voice!

Email them at: [email protected]

  • Senior Athlete Rep:   Issy Hiller (UVAC)
  • Junior Athlete Rep: Samantha Bareck (SOLO)
  • At-Large Athlete Rep- (announced Sept 22nd)

2020 ATHLETE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Noam Reinhorn (USC) Halle Moore (SOLO) Cam Watelet (ESC) Chloe Song (GS) Vianka Acosta (ATST) Nathalie Peña (CRIM) Scott Spear (SOLO) Grace Walker (ESC) Caroline Cavalier (SOLO)

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