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NE Mission: To provide opportunities for all to achieve their highest potential in competitive swimming.
NE Vision: Inspired. United. Fast.

USA Swimming is the governing body of New England Swimming which is referred to as an LSC (Local Swim Committee).
There are 59 LSCs within the USA Swimming with defined boundaries that are unique to an area of the country. LSCs are tasked with registering members, scheduling competitions and leading clubs on behalf of USA Swimming. Our LSC includes the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachuestts.  We currently have approximately 103 clubs in our LSC and 8900 athletes.  Our LSC code is NE (for New England) USA Swimming has divided the country into four zones. New England Swimming is part of the Eastern Zone. There is also a Central Zone, Western Zone and Southern Zone.


During our annual club registration process all parents must  acknowledges that they have fully read/reviewed and are in agreement with all Liquid Space Swim Club best practice & policies.

All Safe Sport documents listed on Safe Sport page require reference/review and signatures by participants and parents.

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*These materieal will continue to be updated.

Liquid Space Swim Club Hold Harmless -Liability Waiver and added Safety: Covid-19 Pandemic Club Waiver

LSSC MAAPP-acknolwedgement-of-policy

Parent Code of Conduct

Swimmer Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

NES Proof of Age Requirement

NES Tech Suit Policy

New England Swimming Anti-Recruiting Policy


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2021-2022 Annual Pre-Planning Graph of Year Round Swimming Dates

*Please review annual plan to anticipate monthly/annual training and competition schedule.  This is provided as general courtesy but all should ackowledge that dates are subject to change and/or updates thoughout the year.


Jan 30,2021-aa-jan-specialy-results_023171

Pandemic Information & Resources

Parent & Swimmer additional educational resources:

USA Swimming 2020 Rulebook

Athlete Development Model

Our training program aligns with USA Swimmings Athlete Development Model.  Parents & Swimmers can explore the stardards taught at each developing level from beginner to senior athlete.  Select link below:



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We encourage all parents & swimmers to explore the material posted by USA Swimming.key helpful topics: nutrition, leadership opportunities, & time standards

Glossary of Swimming Terms-Reference USA Swimming