All members of Phoenix Swimming are expected to understand and abide by both the USA Swimming Code of Conduct and their applicable Phoenix Swimming Code of Conduct.  It is important to remember that you are a representative of Phoenix Swimming and we expect members to act accordingly.  If you have questions and/ or concerns about the expectations, please contact us at [email protected] 

USA Swimming Member Code of Conduct

Roles of Phoenix Swimming Members

Phoenix Swimming Parent Code of Conduct

Phoenix Swimming Swimmer Code of Conduct

Phoenix Swimming Coach Code of Conduct

National Group Expectations

PreNational Group Expectations



If there is a violation of a code of conduct, please refer to the Grievance Procedures below.  We encourage our members to come to us with questions and concerns.  We take pride in our program and are always looking for ways to make it better.  Our message and mission help our swimmers become their best selves is a constantly evolving process and we welcome the feedback at [email protected] or through the proper means listed on our Grievance Procedures. 

Phoenix Swimming Grievance Procedures