Please use the following links to further explore the Safe Sport Program and the resources available to clubs, members, and non-members who wish to promote and encourage a safe, abuse-free environment in swimming. 

Safe Sport Best Practices and Guidelines 

New England Swimming Safe Sport website

USA Swimming Safe Sport website

US Center for Safe Sport- CHAMPION RESPECT. END ABUSE.  


Education Resources and Links:

Safe Sport Training for Athletes (ages 12-18) (non-members)

Safe Sport Training for Athletes (ages 12-18) (members- all current swimmers)

Safe Sport Training for Parents  (non-members)

Safe Sport Training for Parents (members- officials/ team managers/ registered meet staff)

Safe Sport Activitiy Book (ages 5-11)

Safe Sport Activity Book (ages 12-18)

USA Swimming Online Clinic Series- Safe Sport


Athletes 18 and Older Requirements:

All swimmers who are 18 and older are considered Adult Athletes.  Through Safe Sport and the MAAPP they need to complete and pass the following courses in order to keep their team and USA Swimming membership in good standing.  

Athlete Protection Training: Must be completed within 30 days of your 18th birthday or you will no longer be able to participate in practice or meets.  It also needs to be renewed yearly.  

Adult Athlete Safe Sport Training


Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP):

The MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy) was adapted by USA Swimming to offer enhancements to the Safe Sport Program.  The MAAPP addresses one-on-one interactions, social media and electronic communications, travel policies, locker room safety, massages, and athletic modalities.  

USA Swimming Letter to Membership Introducing the MAAPP

MAAPP Full Policy

Phoenix Swimming Letter to Membership About MAAPP

Phoenix Swimming MAAPP Team Policy

Written Acknowledgement of MAAPP (jotform online submittable)

For additional information on the MAAPP, please see the Resources/ MAAPP section of our website.  


Additional Resources:

Safe Sport Coordinator: Lauren Riedel, [email protected]

Safe Sport Reporting Information:

USA Swimming (719) 866-4578  Deal with a Safe Sport Concern.

U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report.  Use the online reporting form, call (720) 524-5640, or find more information at