Meet Entry Process

The meet entry process at Phoenix Swimming, albeit different than most clubs, is designed with two things in mind - easiness and making sure that athletes compete in as many appropriate racing opportunities as possible.

The meet entry process is as follows:

  1. The coaches will send out and email and update the website with Meet Response Dates.  These dates are the last days that you can let the coaches know if you are NOT PLANNING on attending a certain event/meet.
  2. Meet Entry deadlines are almost always made available many weeks before the actual due date.  While we do send out reminders its important to remember to double check these on a semi regular basis.
  3. Once the meet Meet Entry Deadline has passed athletes will be entered in the respective meet and accounts will be charged for the meet fees.
  4. Please know that once meet fees are sent in to Meet Directors they are under no obligation to refund moneys for any reason.  While we can always ask for a refund - it is really rare that a refund is granted.
  5. Athletes are entered in events at the coaches discretion.  Often times, the athletes and coaches will talk about what events they would like to swim (especially for championship level meets) but the sole decision making responsibility for event choice resides with the coaching staff.
  6. For every meet, each athlete is charged a $10 team surcharge.  This surcharge covers coaches travel, meals, and other espenses related to the meets.