Please refer to these documents and handbooks for important information and answers

to many of your questions. 

PST BY-LAWS (amended 10/22/12)

PST Handbook

PST Volunteer Policy (adopted Sept. 2011)

PST Athlete Protection Policy


PST Scholarship Policy

PST Scholarship Application

USS Anti-Bullying Action Plan

Electronic Communication Policy

Safe Sport Ha#ndbook

Pool Locker Room Policy:

Coaches have been asked by the Portsmouth Pool to convey to all families the policy concerning locker room use.  Children 5 and under can go into the locker room with their parent of the opposite sex. This means that a MOM can take a boy 5 years old or younger into the women's locker room  and a DAD can take a girl 5 years old or younger into the men's locker room.  Boys 6 & older are to use the Men's locker room.  Girls 6 & older are to use the Women's locker room.  There is a dressing room on the deck of the pool that families can use with kids if they would prefer to be with their child. Any questions, please as the Lifeguard on duty for help.