Dual Meets

- simply more casual

- against one or two other teams

- for all swimmers, variety of abilities attend

- swim 2 or 3 individual events and relays

- no time standards

- meet runs for approximately 4 hours

- minimal Splash Fee (for official time) automatically charged to your account per swim.  Fees subject to change.

- your swimmer is automatically registered for all meets. 



End of season league Championship Meet in which all swimmers are expected to attend.  Swimmers must participate in 3 meets (Dual or USS Meets) in order to participate in Champs during the winter season.  Swimmers must swim any 2 meets (Dual or USS meets) in order to qualify for the Summer Champs Meet. 


USS Meets

- more serious and competitive

- against about 10 other teams, usually about 8 heats of each event

- usually for AG II and above swimmers with one year’s dual meet experience          

- some USS meets have qualifying times

- usually swim 3 to 5 events per day

- meets are usually 2 to 2 ½ days long

- fees are charged for these meets which are automatically charged to your online account.  USS Meets usually charge $5 per swim

- Swimmers in AGI, JR II, JR I, and Senior groups are automatically registered for USS Meets.  If your swimmer cannot attend, you must go into your account on the PST website and decline those events.  Otherwise your account will automatically be charged. 



Teams throughout New England are assigned to 5 different sites for a weekend in February. Qualifying times must be achieved for this meet, and our goal is to have a good majority of our swimmers qualify.  We expect all those who qualify will attend Regionals.   This is an exciting first step in achieving time standards.

 If you have questions about specifics meets for your swimmer please feel free to talk to your child’s coach.