Committing to & Declining Swim Meets:

Swimmers in AGI, JR II, JR I and Senior groups are automatically registered for all meets.  AG II, AG III, and Pre Team are automatically registered to swim in our home meet(s).  USS meets are optional and most meets do have fees that will be charged to your account once your swimmer is signed up for a meet.  Travel meets do have an additional $5-$10 fee charge. If your swimmer is not participating in a meet, you must log in to the PST website with your password and go to the Team Events tab. All meets for the season will be listed with a meet description and sign up deadline.  Make sure you decline any meets that your swimmer is not attending or your account will automatically be charged for that meet.  Click on the event you want to attend and click event sign-up. Next, click on the swimmers name and commit the swimmer to the meet. If the meet is a multi-day event, you can leave a note for the coach if you want your swimmer in only one or two days of the event. Make sure you click submit to complete the sign up. You will be able to choose events for your swimmer but you do not have to choose their events. The coaches will have the final say on which events swimmers will compete in.