PST Parent Meeting Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Coaches Report  September 26, 2017

Welcome & thank you for attending  the annual parents meeting  

Sue & Mary head coaches this is our 6th year as head coaches. We  share the duties of head coaching job from coaching age group swimmers to the organization, management and communication of the entire team.

What’s new  for the 2017-18 season

Home meet on Oct. 22nd - This will be NE/Swimming/USA Swimming Official sanctioned meet and all times will be entered into the SWIMS database. We want all our swimmers & parents to attend and volunteer at the meet.

Coaches worked hard to make this happen-

Administrative Official certification-Mary

Meet Director certification-Sue

Coaches Natalie & Lexy attended a coaching clinic with Guy Edson from ASCA and received their Coaches II certification.

Lane space- same as last year, although we did gain an extra  lane on Friday.

Juniors II group-we added an extra day/ one hour practice. They have 4 days/7 hours per week

TSSA League & Champs: Mary & Sue continue to be League presidents for the 2017-18 season. Champs date is March 23-25 @ UNH. There are 7 teams in the league

Added a few new meets at SOLO @ Haverhill High School and we will be attending the Exeter Sprints this year

Our season - 27 weeks

11 Regular season meets including TSSA Champs

6 Qualifying Championship meets (qualifying times needed)

Coaches: we are very proud of our coaching team

All our coaches are USA Swimming certified coaches

Any questions from parents should be emailed to Mary or Sue.

Mary and Sue co/head coaches. This is our 6th year as head coaches. Mary Mitchell- All groups. Coaching for PST for 16 years.  Coaches PHS as well

Sue McNamara- All groups and Dryland coach. Coaching for PST for 11 years.  Coaches PHS

Vadim Rumeyker- Junior/Senior Coach. This is Vadim’s 5th year with PST.He is a master coach with over 30 years  of coaching experience from Preteam to Olympians. He has coached many of our local  swimmers to national level swimming.  

Lexy Van Binsbergen:  Coaching Preteam to Jr. II groups. She has been  coaching  for PST for over 15 years and also teaches lessons at  the Portsmouth Indoor Pool.  

Natalie Gould- Will be coaching preteam & AG II & III, and also teaches lessons at the Portsmouth Indoor Pool. 2 years

Robina Mitchell: Will be coaching on the weekends and at swim meets. She is a former PST and college swimmer and also has experience coaches the Portsmouth High School Swim Team; she is a weekend coach


Goals for the year

 To promote and develop a strong team that encourages  team unity, good sportsmanship  and the love for swimming.

Improve our Parent volunteers & parent involvement

The goal is to have more parents volunteer as officials, planning and organizing the team and swim meets. We would like to run more home meets.

What we need

Apparel (??) organize ordering for team apparel & towels  (25% discount)

Locker Room volunteer to monitor the locker room

Banquet- assist with the banquet and fundraising, and help at home swim meets.

Colorado Timing System- need someone to learn how to run (Mike Bailey will train)

Meet Manager-Learn to run Meet Manager, the computer system that runs the meet

We need officials!!! We had several officials leave over the past year. We need officials to help out at the Regional, Silvers and TSSA champs meet as well as any of the Seacoast meets we attend. 1/10 ratio is expected for officials. We do give a generous discount for parents who complete the certification process and become certified officials.

Officials clinic will be offered 9/30 at UNH  

Fundraising- Need volunteers To keep cost down for team dues and pool time. Megan Luce has done a great job implementing fundraisers:

Past Fundraisers: Penguin Plunge, Raffle and silent auction, Flat Breads fundraiser, Seacoast Half

Continue to improve overall team attendance and performance for swim meets and  practices and have our whole team at the TSSA Championship meet.

We track swimmer’s attendance, require Jr/Sr to attend at least 5 practices a week,and if they are a High School Swimmer, to attend 3 practices per week.  We require all AGI and above swimmers to attend all swim meets.

We implemented test sets throughout the season to track and improve performance throughout the year.

Last year we came in 2nd place at the TSSA Champs; we had 111 swimmers attend The previous year we came in 3rd place and had  about 100 swimmers attending

 Have more swimmers qualify for Age Groups, Silver Meet and Regionals.

Last year we had 58 swimmers attend Regionals (more qualified but didn’t attend) 44 attended last year, 19 attended  Silvers ( last year 29), 12 attend Age Groups, (18 last year)

Expectations for Swimmers

Be on time for practice/ have a good attitude, be there to swim!

Attend practice regularly to build endurance

Good sportsmanship

3 meet mandatory participation for all swimmers/ HS swimmers 2 meets

Respect  and listen to your coaches

Respect and encourage your teammates

Bring all of your own gear on deck to each practice.  Parents, make sure they have fins, paddles,goggles, cap, water bottle

Expectations for Parents  

Have your swimmer on time for practice

Volunteer for home meets / Volunteer to help out the team

Sign up for swim meets/ look at the schedule and plan (encourage your swimmers to take interest in the PST website.  Older swimmers need to have their email addresses on your team webpage so they receive communication directly

Stroke and Turn Officials needed­ this is a great way to be on deck

Promote good sportsmanship,Praise you kids, Leave the coaching to the coaches

Help to keep the locker rooms in good order.  (Parent volunteers  needed to make sure that swimmers keep showers brief and leave the locker rooms in good order.

Pick up your swimmer on time so that coaches do not have to stay!    


New Parents

Explanation of Age Groups  ∙  

Pre­Team: 45 minute practice, 2 day per week. Generally first time swim team swimmers,  work on stroke technique with the 2 main strokes freestyle and  backstroke.  In addition,starting  to work on fly and backstroke,starts,turns, lane etiquette. We encourage preteamers to attend  the home meets and any dual meet.

AG III:  1 hour practice, 2 days per week. Main focus is on developing good stroke  technique, in all 4 strokes, starts & turns, using the clock , lane etiquette, legal strokes.   We encourage  attendance at all home meets and dual meets.

AG II: 1 hour practice 3 days a week. Focus is on stroke technique of all the strokes,  endurance building, use of clock and intervals, flip turns, open turns and starts some sprinting  and racing. We encourage attendance at all meets.

AGI: 1.5 hour practice 3 days a week. Requires more commitment. Focus on technique,  endurance, racing  technique, sprinting using clock and intervals. We require attendance at  all meets.  Swimmers are automatically signed up.  It is your responsibility to decline them if needed.

Junior II:  2 hour practice 3 days per week, with 1 hour on Saturday. Requires more commitment to the team.This  is an intro into the Jr/Sr group with less pool and dryland training time. Focus on technique,  endurance, and aerobic training ,race technique. We require  attendance at all meets.  ∙

Junior I/Senior: 2 hour practice 5-6 days a week with 2 days of dryland practice.  Swimmers are committed to swimming as their sport. Work on technique, endurance,  aerobic and anaerobic sets, racing technique, sprinting, building yardage, dryland training,  Building team spirit, and mentoring younger swimmers.  

Team Building:

Fun Fridays, Holiday Themed Days, Mentor Day, Challenge Days/ Team  Records

Scope of Season  

Sept-­Nov: Building Phase:  Work on technique, build endurance, learn swimming  terminology, pool rules, team building.      Nov-­Jan: Quality Phase:  Continue to work on technique, swimmers get  into the routine,  and endurance is increased as the pace picks up . More  swim meets will take place.  

Jan­-March: Technique, focus on racing skills, Regionals, Silver meet, Age Groups, and  Champs Meet.

Explanation of Meets:  

● Swim meets can be competition against one team or many teams; it depends on the  level of the swim meet. Swimmers compete in their respective age group and  achievement level. The faster their time is for an event the better the heat and  competition. Age group levels are usually 8 under, 9-­10, 11-­12, 13-­14, 15­-16, 17-­18.  Some meets will have senior events which are 13 & OVER.  

 ● Swimmers compete in their own age group and swim to improve their times  

Qualifying times for meets are based on NE swimming and USA Swimming and are  posted on their website.  Dual Meets: Compete against one or two other teams, are 3 ­to 4 hours in length, a  good meet for new and experienced swimmers/ For all team swimmers Preteam and up.  

USS Meets/ SSA meet: High level meets, demanding level of competition competing against  10­-15 other teams from the NE area, usually 2­-3 day meet with multiple sessions.  Swimmer  can swim in as many days/events as they choose. Meet Fees are charged to your account per  swimmer and event.

Regional Meet: Must have qualifying times to attend meet/ higher level of competition  from  around the NE region. Requires travel and hotel which are the responsibilities of the family. Meet  fees are charged to your account per swimmer and event.

Silver Meet: A higher level of competition  than the Regional meet. Qualifying times will be needed to attend this meet. Requires travel and  hotel which are the responsibilities of the family. Meet fees are charged to your account per  swimmer and event.

Age Group Championship Meet: Harder to make with faster qualifying times, Very high level of  competition, Travel required and meet fees and travel are the responsibility of the family.

Sectionals/Zones/Senior meets:  Top level meets with top NE times needed to attend meet.  Requires travel and hotel which are the responsibilities of the family. Meet fees are charged to  your account per swimmer and event.

National & Jr. Nationals: Top swimmers in the US attend these meets. Requires travel and hotel  which are the responsibilities of the family. Meet fees are charged to your account per swimmer  and event.  


Signing up for a Meet

Login to the  PST website, click onto Team Events, click on the  name of the event, click  on attend or decline, sign up, events and information about the meet are usually listed or attached to  the posting; the coach can choose the events, swimmers can make requests; leave a  message if you need to (on the website). The 3 day meets you do not have to attend all days, just leave a  message (on the website) and let the coaches know which days you would like to attend.

If you can not make a swim meet and you have signed up, it is very important that you tell  a coach by email, text or phone call. A lot of planning goes into setting up the swim  meets.

Please email Mary if you have any questions on meet entries  

Practice Time & Gear  

Swimmers need to bring the following gear.  All Age Groups should have fins.  Age Group I and above should have pull buoy, paddles, and water bottle to practice Gear can be put in lockers, but if your swim bag does not fit into a locker, please bring it on deck during practice time.  (If you don’t have goggles, you can purchase them from a coach and it will be charged to your account).  In addition we have bungee cords for sale as well

Swimmers need to shower before each practice.  You should be wet head to toe!

You can order team suits and apparel at any time from the PST website under team store.  (Any parent that is interested in helping with apparel is welcome to talk to either Mary or Sue)

Personalized team caps will arrive within about 4 weeks of practice beginning.   Hopefully most  of you have caps to keep you going until yours arrives.   

We have ordered extra Team PST Caps for anyone who needs to purchase one (if you haven’t  ordered a  personalized team cap.)