PST Age Group Swimmer Competencies


The Portsmouth Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Portsmouth Swim Team to offer specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.



Swimmers must be capable of swimming the length of the Portsmouth Indoor Pool in any form of overhand stroke with rotary breathing.  Some knowledge of other strokes is desirable.  All Pre-Team members showing proper technique and the ability to compete in an event at a meet are eligible to swim in coach approved meets.  Practices will be 2 days per week for 45 minutes.


• Focus is on Free and Back

• ​Use open turns, focusing on head down into walls & streamline off walls


1. Streamline Position

-  tight arms & legs

-  head inline with arms

- on stomach and back


2. Finish with Head Down

- head down as approach wall


3. Know Backstroke Count

- know the number of strokes from the flags to wall

- use the count every time, no looking


4. Dive Certified

- complete the USA Swimming Diving Progression so that diving in shallow manner from block





This is the entry level swimming group.  Swimmers in this group must be able to swim one length (25 meters) in both freestyle and backstroke with the desire to learn to swim all four competitive swimming strokes legally.  Some knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly is beneficial.  Practices will be 2 days per week for 1 hour.


• Fly and Breast are introduced


1. Streamline Position

- underwater, not on surface

- off every wall 

- for all 4 strokes


2. Finish All the Way to the Wall

- no feet on bottom until wall has been touched


3. Open Turns

- Legs Straight into the Wall

- with knees bent pull legs straight into wall as touching wall

- plant feet firmly on wall


4. Two-Hand Touch for Fly and Breast

- legally done simultaneously


5. Flip Turns for Free and Back

- legs straight over

- push off wall on back


6. Streamline Position with Dive

- hold streamline position until reach the surface


7. Using Pace Clock

- leaving 5 seconds apart on own





Age Group II is for swimmers that have had previous swimming experience either with a team or with formal lessons.  Swimmers must have legal competitive swimming strokes for all 4 strokes.  The goal and emphasis of AGII is to work on stroke technique while continuing to enjoy swimming with an increased workload. Practices are 3 days per week for 1 hour.


• Work on all 4 strokes


1. Dolphin Kicks or Pull-Out with Push Off Every Wall

- in Streamline Position goes without saying


2. Finish with Strong Kick and Extended Arm

- as applies to each stroke


3. Correct Arms and Head Position for Open Turn

- drop one arm down and back

- other arms bends so hand comes to ear

- keep looking at wall & lean back

- now push off


4. Always Uses Flipturns for Free and Back

- uses throughout practice with proper technique


5. Dolphin Kicks or Pull-Out with Dives

- when pushing off wall

- go for distance


6. Understands Use of Clock for Intervals

- can use the clock for an interval set with help from the coach and/or other swimmers





Swimmers in this Age Group must be legal in all 4 strokes in this level.  Stroke technique is still an important part of this Group's workout schedule.  Swimmers in this group are more serious about swimming.  The introduction of practice sets that are geared towards heavy training will begin in AGI.  Practice will be 3 days per week for 1 1/2 hours.


1. Comes Up Past the Flags Off Every Wall

- uses streamline and underwater kicks


2. Finishes with No Breaths Within the Flags

- head down from flags to wall


3. Legally Performs IM Turns

- into wall with correct finish for each stroke

- pushes off with correct start for each stroke


4. Good Breakout Technique with Dives

- comes to surface after underwater kicks, beginning stroke with power


5. Using Pace Clock

- able to follow pace clock on own for interval sets

- able to determine own time for given distance



Juniors II

Swimmers in this group are legal in all 4 strokes,  and begin a  tougher training routine.  Dry land training begins along with endurance training,stroke work and racing skills.. Swimmers learn self-responsibility, sportsmanship  and being a good teammate. Swimmers practice 3 days per week for 2 hours.


Juniors I

The junior group focus is on training for serious competition.  Although stroke technique will still be included in the workout, speed work, interval sets, dry land training and distance training will comprise the majority of their work.  This group will begin to examine racing strategies.  Swimmers will practice 4-5 days per week for 2 hrs.



The senior group is comprised of technically sound swimmers who are capable of the most rigorous of practices.  Senior swimmers have decided that swimming is their sport and they see the importance of training for 2 hrs per day for 5-6 days per week.  Dry land training, interval training, speed work and race strategy become important aspects of the training regime.