PST Fall/Winter 2019-20 IMPORTANT Registration Information:

Registration is now open.  After you go through the registration process, you will receive an email regarding your place on the team.

New Swimmers can register for PST after a tryout and placement.  Please do not proceed unless you have recieved an email from Mary or Sue. 

Steps to Registering your Swimmer:

The PST Fall/Winter season starts on  Monday,September 23rd for AG I and below and September 16th for JRII, JRI, and SR groups.  The PST season runs through mid March 2020.  Registration is available online through Team Unify at this website.  For your convenience, Portsmouth Swim Team accepts major credit cards on the secure Team Unify site.  Dues can be paid in full upon registration, Accounts will automatically be charged the $80 for USA Swimming Registration.  Dues can be paid by the following options:

Paid in Full - At registration

Payment in 2 installments (at registration, and 11/1)

Payment in 4 installments. ( at registration, 11/1, 1/1, and 2/1)

Credit cards will be automatically charged for existing balances on the above dates.  

Registration deadline for the fall season is August 31st, 2019.

If you are a returning swimmer please proceed with registration.  Head coaches Mary Mitchell and Sue McNamara will confirm your swimmer is in their correct Age Group after you are registered.

The following items will be processed during your online registration for each swimmer:

  • Registration Form
  • Waiver: This form includes Parent Code of Conduct, Medical Release, and Photo Release. 
  • USA Swimming: An additional $80 fee will automatically be charged to your account.
  • Personalized Caps are mandatory for all swimmers each season.  A charge of $30.00 will be charged to your account (2 silicone caps per order)  through registration.
  • If you are new to PST, a hard copy of your birth certificate must be submitted to the head coach on the first week of practice.  You can also scan and e-mail your swimmers birth certificate to [email protected].  This is a requirement of USA Swimming.

Below are the team dues based upon the swimmer's practice group for your review prior to registration.  If you are unsure of your practice group placement please contact Sue McNamara at [email protected] before proceeding with registration.  There are no refunds. 

PST 2019-20 Fall/Winter Dues

Team Levels

Pre Team -    $538.00 - (3/4 hr x 2 days)

AGIII -           $693.00 - (1 hr x 2 days)

AGII -            936.00 - (1 hr x 3 days)

AGI -             $1057.00 - (1.5 hr x 3 days)

Junior II -       $1109.00 - (2 hrs. x 3 days)

Junior I -        $1,236.00 - (2 hrs x 5 days)

Seniors -        $1,236.00 - (2 hrs X 5 days)

High School - $1,056.00 - (1/2 of Senior practice times.  Only eligible if you are a High School swimmer)


A Portsmouth Pool Membership must be obtained (at the front desk of the Portsmouth Indoor Pool) in addition to PST Membership. The fee structure is as follows:

Resident -  $15 per month

Non-Resident -  $20 per month

$25 administration fee for those memberships that expired or were canceled at the end of the season last year.

Those swimmers that have a monthly debit from a credit card or checking account, that have not canceled, do not have to do anything as they are still active at the Portsmouth Indoor Pool. For any questions please contact the Portsmouth Indoor Pool.

High School Option:  Please click on the Swimming Info tab at the top of the website for more information.

Discounts apply for multi-siblings swimmers.

Financial Assistance:  Please click on the Forms tab at top of website for more information. 

Deadline for sign up through Team Unify, August 31st, 2019.  Late registration (if lane space is available) will automatically incur a $25 fee.  There will be no refunds for cancellation.

To Register:  CLICK HERE: