New England Swimming
Level 1



  • Western New England University – 1215 Wilbraham Rd, Springfield MA
    • 8 lane, 25 yard facility w/baby pool
    • Parking is located on the left hand side of the HALC Building (no parking in staff spots)
    • Junior 2 Group practices here


  • Central High School -1840 Roosevelt Ave, Springfield MA
    • 6 lane, 25 yard facility
    • Parking is located in the main lot, closest to the track (far side double doors)
    • Senior 1, Senior 2 and Junior 2 practice here


  • Crestview Country Club

5 lane, 25 yard facility, no starting blocks located at 281 Shoemaker Lane in Agawam MA. o        -The pool parking lot and entrance is located BEFORE arriving at the Club House    

-Small dirt parking lot up on the left hand side, about ¼ mile in from main road

-Doubles and Summer workers practice in the AM here