New England Swimming
Level 1

Team Expectations

-Be respectful of our facility and facility employees.  They have worked hard to give us the opportunity to house our team in a clean, safe environment.

-Arrive to practice ten minutes early to change and be ready to hit the water after our stretching routine.

-Bring a water bottle or sports drink.  You will not be allowed to practice without one.

-Stretch for 5 minutes before and after each practice.

-Eat before practice. We don’t want to hear, “I’m hungry”, during practice, you won’t get as much out of PVAA without the proper fuel.

-Have a post workout snack ready to go for the ride home.

-Encourage your teammates.  Bickering within lanes is unacceptable.

-Work hard when nobody is watching.

-Be willing to fail and attack your weaknesses, know that progress comes outside of your comfort zone.

-Know that both positive and negative attitudes are contagious, and be aware of how your actions affect those around you. Smile, and share positive emotions  on deck and in life.

-Get your sleep at night: 7-8 hours a night will drastically improve your performance.

-HAVE FUN!  The most successful swimmers are often times the ones having the most fun with the sport. Expect to smile, laugh, and enjoy challenging workouts with great teammates at PVAA!