UVAC October Specialty recap

Marilyn Soraghan

UVAC meet wrapup


Last Saturday was a beautiful day for a drive to Vermont and a great day to swim!  Our first meet of the season was a successful one and so fun to be together on deck with fans in the stands again.


It was a good chance for some swimmers to get that first meet under their belts and I am so proud of our older swimmers who helped with the younger ones.  Many helped write heats and lanes on the arms of our newer swimmers, helped get swimmers to the correct lanes and waited with them to calm the nerves and helped reunite swimmers and parents in the lobby when they were done.  


Coaches Kelly, Pam and I were very happy with the swims we saw.  Some swimmers had some best times and others tried some new events.  This was an early season meet and it is much earlier than we are usually in the water to race but it was still a good test for the team.


Some moments that stood out:

  • Teddy F swam a freestyle race with his goggles half off and Mae M swam her butterfly race without hers on!  We remind swimmers that if this happens they need to just keep going.  (depending on the stroke, if they stop to fix them it could be a DQ)

  • Madeline A was SO excited and enthusiastic throughout the meet!  She cheered on all of her teammates and did great herself in the 25 free and 25 back!  As one of our youngest swimmers this season she is off to a great start!

  • Vienna L swam well and remembered to come and see a coach after every single race for feedback.  This is something all swimmers should do but especially the Junior & Senior swimmers.  Getting feedback is essential to improvement and getting it from a coach connects to what we do in practice and the goals that swimmers are working toward.

  • Sophia C is one of our new high school swimmers and had a great day including breaking a minute in the 100 free as a RAY.  She becomes the newest member of the RAYS “Sub Club” and will receive an award for that!

  • Cam D stepped in quickly during the 500 free when a swimmer from another team needed a counter.  This was an act of good sportsmanship and willingness to help out.


Results can be found on the TU Meet Results page.  Please be sure to check these results.  There seemed to be some confusion over finishing first in a heat vs finishing first in an event.  A heat is just one group of swimmers with similar times.  Most events had multiple heats so you don’t really know how a swimmer places until the final results.


UVAC provided ribbons to the 12&U for this meet.  They have been put into swimmers' folders in Londonderry.

More photos: