Happy New Year from the RAYS PAB

Jennifer & Robert Lawson

The RAYS PAB wanted to send a quick message to wish you all a Happy New Year and give a few updates on the calendar raffle and social media happening in 2023!

  • Thank you to all the swimmers who participated in the calendar raffle!  As you know, this fundraiser was to help defray the costs of the new starting blocks we installed this fall.  The raffle was indeed a success! We were able to recover almost 30% of the cost of the blocks with this raffle.  
  • Our top raffle ticket seller was Kayla Kemezys with 56 tickets sold!!!  Kayla deserves a round of applause for this and the PAB will be recognizing her with a gift for being the top salesperson! We will find you at practice this week, Kayla!
  • The winners of the calendar raffle will be announced on social media daily! They will be contacted by our Treasurer, Candi Westgard, with the phone number that is found on the ticket.  She will be asking each winner how they would like to receive their winnings and will cash them all out at the end of the month. If you have questions on this please email [email protected].
  • Social media for 2023 and beyond - The RAYS and RAYS PAB will be utilizing social media MORE beginning today.  We have set up a new PUBLIC Facebook page and a new INSTAGRAM account.  We encourage all parents (and older swimmers with devices) to follow all our channels to stay abreast of topics!  We are also hoping of posting more real-time content from swim meets, practices, etc. If anyone would like to post something, just send a DM with the image and text to the Instagram account or on Messenger and we will happily get it posted for you.
  • Please take a few minutes to follow / like / subscribe to all of these accounts:

And once again, here is to a happy, healthy and joyous new year for all of our RAYS Swimmers, Families and Coaches.  Let's make it the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

Stephanie, Joy, Candi and Jenn
Your RAYS PAB Executive Board


P.S. The cool parents will be hanging out January 12th 6pm at the Londonderry WOC conference room.  We do it every month.  Come join us and get the inside scoop!