Welcome to the Parent Advisory Board (PAB)!

RAYS PAB Executive Board


Stephanie Robinson

[email protected]

Oversees: Meets & Events         

Vice President

Joy Muller

[email protected]

Oversees: Gear & Communication


Candi Westgard

[email protected]

Oversees: Fundraising & Awards   


Jenn Lawson

[email protected]

Oversees: Equipment & Live Stream



Awards Blais Family
Equipment Lawson & Ashworth Families
Events Scheipeine & Field Families
Home Meets Schreiber & Pino Families
Gear Armstong, Walden & Sanford Families
Fundraising Kupcho Family
Communications DeAngelis Family
Live Stream Burns Family

Any parent of an active RAYS swimmer is invited to attend the monthly PAB meetings.  They typically take place the second Thursday of each month at 6pm in Londonderry.  To submit a topic to be added to the next agenda please email [email protected]

Please see a list of our 2023 meetings below.  All take place at 6pm at the Londonderry WOC Conference Room.

  • April 6 2023
  • May 11 2023
  • June 8 2023
  • July 13 2023
  • August 10 2023
  • September 14 2023
  • October 12 2023
  • November 9 2023
  • December 14 2023

Public minutes


What is the PAB?
Our team operates with a 501(c)3 non-profit Parent Advisory Board (PAB) organization.  This group is the fundraising and financial decision making arm of the team.  It consists of all parent volunteers with positions that include a four (4) person Executive Board and six (6) committees including; Fundraising, Events, Awards, Communications, Equipment and RAYS Branded Gear.   

The PAB works hard to support our team by purchasing things like touchpads, cables, laptops, meet software, bulletin boards, electronic scoreboard, coach training, coach accommodations for away meets, team bonding events, swimmer ribbons, awards, banquets, as well ­­­as all the fun and serious extras required to run a successful swim team.  

Why is a PAB needed?
The swim team is owned by The Workout Club.  The swimmer dues you pay go directly to The Workout Club for coaching and lane time.  Anything outside of that is paid from fundraising efforts and our profits from our two home meets we host each year.  Without the PAB and our two home meets, our team resources and community would be a lot different.