RAYS - Recommended Equipment by Group

Below is a list of recommended equipment for each applicable swim group.  Equipment can be bought through a variety of sites including Varsity Swim Shop, SwimOutlet or Amazon.  It is important to have all equipment at all practices. 


Equipment Basics:

  • Swimmers are not expected to wear their team suit to practice, but we expect them to wear it to meets along with a team T-shirt and team swim cap.  
  • Have an extra suit for practices for 2 reasons: So the team suit doesn’t get worn out, and so there is less chance they lose the team suit.  
  • As a note, polyester suit fabric lasts much, much longer. It is usually a few dollars more than the Lycra suits but well worth it.
  • Make sure the suits fit and are snug. Sizing up is not a good strategy. If there are any wrinkles in the suit once it is on, try the next size down.  
  • Extra caps and goggles are great to have on hand in case something breaks or is lost. It is suggested to have one pair of goggles for practice and the other pair for meets that maybe has the straps tightened a bit making them better for diving.  
  • Get a sharpie and mark your gear. Most kids on the team have the same equipment and kids will accidentally walk off deck with other swimmers things. Put your swimmer's name on everything you can.  
  • RAYS Team Gear is available for purchase through our Squad Locker team store and occasional pop-up stores the PAB runs.
  • RAYS Team suits and caps are available for purchase through our vendor, Varsity Swim Shop.  See the Team Store page for details.


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