Team Suits, Caps, Gear + Spirit Wear


Team suits and parkas are available to order on Varsity Swim Shop -
Parents are responsible for making this purchase individually. LOGIN: RAYS     PASSWORD: ROCKINGHAM

We are now an Arena team!  We are going with the Arena Puzzled suit in Navy/Navy.  The RAYS logo will appear on both male and female suits.

Suits are ordered at the beginning of the season. Please be sure you get your order in before the specified date to not hold up suits being ready for our October Home Meet.

Caps are also ordered through Varsity Swim Shop but as a bulk order through PAB and Coach Marilyn. This takes place at the beginning of the season. Please anticipate your cap needs for the full season, being mindful of having a backup or back-ups. Coach Marilyn and the PAB do keep a small inventory of caps that can be purchased later in the season as needed.

  • Caps come in two colors - Blue and Silver
  • Caps can be ordered with or without your swimmer's name on them
  • Orders are for sets of 2 
  • 2 silicone caps with name $35
  • 2 silicone caps without name $30

Personalized Cap Order

Spirit Wear is now available to order online whenever you wish! We have found a very reputable company and set up a storefront loaded with various logo apparel!  Only 5% of the purchase price is used for PAB fundraising.

Visit our store now to see the full selection!