Solo Aquatics was founded in the summer of 2006 as a year-round competitive swim program.  Over the years we have expanded our program to offer year-round competitive diving and also swim lessons.  SOLO prides itself on offering quality coaching and a motivating and exciting environment in which to train.  We provide swimmers & divers with the opportunity to improve, strive for excellence, enjoy the sport of swimming & diving, and pursue their dreams. 

Solo Aquatics and the sport of swimming/diving involve a commitment on the part of the athlete as well as the parent.  Traveling to meets, training sessions, fundraising, volunteering at meets, long hours at the pool and an honest effort are all part of being a member of the Solo Aquatics family.

The Solo Aquatics competitive swim program competes as a member of USA Swimming and New England Swimming.  Our competitive diving program competes as a member of USA Diving and AAU Diving.  SOLO provides swimmers & divers with the opportunity to compete at regional, national and international levels.


Solo Aquatics provides an opportunity for individual athletes to work as one unified team in the pursuit of excellence in swimming & diving and all other aspects of life.  Our dedicated coaching staff provides our athletes with much more than exceptional in-water training.  Teamwork, self-esteem, goal setting, sportsmanship and time management are just a few of the many values our swimmers & divers receive.  Our goal is to produce elite-level students, athletes and citizens. 




We strive to help create the best athletes we can through commitment, trust and belief in themselves, their program and their coaches. We, as coaches, believe that every child can be successful in their own capacity, as long as they are given the opportunity. 

It is our goal to see every athlete through the start of their career in the sport of swimming - hopefully allowing each athlete the opportunity to swim in college, if they so choose.