Annual Registration Fee

EVERY swimmer must be USA Swimming registered.  USA swimming registration provides insurance for Solo Aquatics and for you.  The annual registration fee for all training groups (except the High School group) is $160. 

The annual registration fee for the High School group is $125.

All registered athletes will receive a team t-shirt and latex caps.

Membership Dues

The membership fees are listed on the attached document with the various payment options for each training group. Membership fees are never refunded. (See Below)

Meet Fees

Each diver is charged for the meets and events in which he/she participates.  The fees for all meets will be billed automatically on the 1st of the following month.

2021-2022 MEET & TRAVEL FEES

Fundraising Commitment

All athletes will have a mandatory fundraising commitment.  Swimmers in the High School training group does not have a fundraising commitment, but are encouraged to contribute to our fundraising efforts.  Please see the attached document for all the details of our fundraising program.



Training Group

Pay In Full (Sept-July) Monthly 


$150 (8 Classes) N/A


$1,250 $125


$2,000 $200


$3,000 $300


Important Notes:

1.  You will be billed on the first of the month for membership dues.  If you have not paid by midnight on the 15th of the month, starting with the September bill, you will be charged a monthly late fee of $30.  This late fee is generated automatically by the billing system; therefore, your payment must be received by midnight on the 15th to avoid these late fees.

2.  Checks will no longer be accepted.  You have the option of using credit cards or automatic withdrawal from your checking account.  You can set this up in Team Unify so that it happens automatically on the first of the month or you can pay on a time by time basis by entering your data each time.  Nobody at SOLO or at Team Unify has access to your credit card information.  Some registrations or events may require a credit card.  You may enter your credit card just to pay for that event or you can choose to save it in the system and pay your bill automatically each month.   

3.  If you are having difficulties meeting your financial commitment, please contact Meghan Feran or Rebecca Driscoll to discuss your situation.

4. All members that pay "monthly" have an option to "suspend" their accounts. Any account that is eligible to be suspended, must provide written communication prior to the first of month they are suspending. Any fees that are processed after the first of the month will not be refunded without written proof of suspension.