18 & Under World 100s
New England Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

SAC Team Information

Established in 1974,  Shawmut Aquatic Club is a coach-run United States Swimming team. The team is coached by professionals and provides quality instruction for swimmers and parents.  Shawmut's practice facilities include Keefe Technical High School (Framingham) and Dana Hall School (Wellesley).

Shawmut consistently ranks as one of the most competitive teams in New England and is well known nationally for its ability to develop elite level athletes.  Shawmut's success is not a coincidence. Our program teaches and promotes hard-work, teamwork, learning and commitment. We offer the best training environment available in New England, providing the opportunity for every athlete to reach his/her individual potential. Dreams and goals can be realized in the positive, challenging and competitive environment found at SAC.

SAC Mission Statement
To provide a cost-effective, well-rounded swim program that provides both opportunities and an environment conducive to the individual swimmer's growth. SAC aims to offer and to develop the most impressive and effective training environment in the country.

SAC Team Philosophy
The SAC philosophy has remained fairly simple over the years, namely, the pursuit of excellence as defined by competitive swimming. This philosophy encompasses the obvious goals such as fast swimming, achieving personal success and team recognition; but also presumes that this success is framed in the context of good sportsmanship, self- discipline, and adherence to rules and standards of conduct which apply to the pool and life in general. Improvement and dedication to the team goals and ideals are important components of the SAC experience which melds the efforts of the swimmers, the knowledge and skills of the coaching staff, and the support and enthusiasm of the parents to form a club dedicated to providing a healthy and rewarding environment for our children. There are many activities which provide safe and constructive outlets for youth energy; swimming is the one which binds us all together at SAC. Swimming provides for team support and participation while allowing for individual excellence to be displayed and rewarded. Excellence at each level of competition is the goal for all SAC team members; we applaud those who achieve excellence as well as those who earnestly strive for that goal. SAC is dedicated to providing the means for each swimmer to pursue personal excellence.

SAC Coaches' Philosophy
Competitive swimming is one of the best amateur sports for our youth. The sport, and the people associated with it, exemplify and build character, discipline, leadership, self esteem, physical fitness and teamwork. These values are taught and reinforced for use throughout a lifetime. Coaches at SAC believe that a successful competitive program is not an accident. It is a well organized activity that emphasizes a series of developmental stages and a consistent philosophy of total involvement and personal challenge. Coaches at SAC believe that for a competitive program to succeed, it must be built on the foundation created by a strong program for younger swimmers. At a young age, SAC swimmers begin to understand the importance of stroke technique. As this understanding comes to fruition, the swimmers begin to focus more on training.

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