For the novice, yet experienced competitive swimmer. Athletes in this group are paired by age and skill to work on mastering basic stroke mechanics across all four strokes. This group strives to utilize technical development on increasing volume. Efficiency and mastery of technical components are heavily stressed.


Our first level of Age Group High performance. Athletes in this group are paired by age and skill to work on executing basic stroke mechanics across all four strokes whilst training towards the New England Swimming competitive Age Group Schedule of Events for their age bracket. Performance maintaining race techniques and proper stroke habits are heavily stressed.


This group is for the advanced Age Group Competitive Swimmer. The group goal is to introduce these athletes to performance based training that will see them achieve and help the team at the New England Age Group Championship levels. Swimmers focus on introduction to advanced techniques on skills such as distance per stroke, distance/mid distance/sprint stroke rates, underwater development and pacing. Swimming FAST and SMART is the heavily stressed.


This is our Age Group Swimming High Performance Group and a group focused on transitioning athletes from Age Group Swimming to Senior Level competitions. Swimmers in this group have developed habits in techniques around the four competitive strokes applicable to all relative distances in competition. Swimmers in this group are introduced to training focused on a seasonal plan revolving around peak and taper meets. Athletes in this group are seasoned Age Group Swimmers with a strong commitment to high performance in the sport of swimming.


Athletes in this group are seasoned in competitive swimming and are ready to learn the different stroke techniques and training methods necessary to sustain high level competitive Senior Swimming. We focus on strength, conditioning and technical calibration with our Athletes in this group to prepare them for College and High Performance competition.


This is the premiere High Performance Group at Gator Swim Club. Athletes are selected and invited into this group by either the Head Coach, Alex Cronin, or the High Performance Director, Christopher Morgan. In order to be considered, swimmers must be multi-event qualifiers for the New England Senior Championships and must demonstrate a firm commitment to year round swimming with very high workout and meet participation. This group focuses on the Olympic Calendar and seeks out fast competitive cut-based meets around the country.