New England Swimming

At AQUA SWIM , all of our staff are all CPR, First aid and Lifeguard certified.

When selecting AQUA SWIM Parties, Private Lessons or Life Guarding, you are hiring the AQUA SWIM Staff for their services.

Aqua Swim is not responsible for injuries sustained on your premises and all services rendered are for learning to swim and do not release you from liability.

AQUA SWIM Backyard Program:

Aqua Swim provides swim lessons in the comfort of your own home.  Our staff will bring training aids and equipment to your house to teach lessons.

Upon the first lesson our staff will be assessing all swimmers to ensure they are all one group. If needed our staff may break up the swimmers into more than one group based on age or swimming ability levels. 

Thank you for your inquiry into the Aqua Swim program. Our program operates through out south Florida and Rhode Island in private residence, public pools and our home pool. Our Swim School offers both private and small group training for all ages and abilities.

We currently offer swim lessons, stroke correction, Private coaching, Small group coaching, video analysis and many other services.

We are set up just like a personal trainer where you select a day and time that fits best for your schedule, this will become your weekly spot that you may change at any time, and we will help you achieve and develop your swimming goals. Sessions are offered in :30, :45 and :60 minute increments.

I hope this Information helps with making a decision, please contact us at any time for more information or to get on our schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.




Prices are per swimmer:

1 on 1 sessions 

:30 min - $50 per swimmer

:45 min - $65 per swimmer

:60 min - $75 per swimmer


2-3 Swimmers

:30 min - $40 per swimmer

:45 min - $55 per swimmer

:60 min - $65 per swimmer


4 or more swimmers

:30 min - $30 per swimmer

:45 min - $45 per swimmer

:60 min - $55 per swimmer