Welcome to the Metro North Triton's Swim Team

We eagerly anticipate spending another season with our fabulous returning teammates as well as getting to know some new faces. We are hoping that this upcoming season will be our most exciting yet! The Metro North Triton's Swim Team has been competing in YMCA and USA swim leagues. We are very fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and supportive YMCA management. A successful swim team season consists of both time and dedication from parents, pool staff and coaching team. While at times it may seem difficult to find the time for everything, always keep in mind that we all must work together to create the most successful and enjoyable Triton Swim Team season for our swimmers. We would like to take the time in advance to thank all of our wonderful volunteers that are willing to donate both their time and expertise. Without them, we would not be the Metro North Tritons and the team appreciates everything they do to help throughout the entirety of the season.

The YMN Tritons Swim and Dive team is dedicated to help athletes improve their skills and achieve their goals while instilling in them the core values of the YMCA. The Tritons teach that athletics can not only help you physically, but will also be your teammate in life giving you the motivation and dedication to tackle any obstacle in your path. The friends and accomplishments you make on the Tritons will be with you for a lifetime.

We participate in YMCA competitions as the YMN Tritons.  As members of the Eastern MA YMCA League we compete in Division 1 Dual Meets, YMCA Invitational Meets in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, Eastern MA YMCA League Districts,  YMCA New England Championships and YMCA National Championships.  

The SCY (Short Course Yards) Fall/Winter Season runs from September through January (for non-Districts Qualifiers); through March (for YMCA New Englands Qualifiers); through April (for Nationals Qualifiers).  The LCM (Long Course Meter) Spring/Summer Season runs from May through the end of July.  

All participants must be members in good standing of the Y of Metro North and their membership's current for 30 days prior to participating in Dual Meets (per the rules of the Eastern MA YMCA League).  Each athlete is required to compete in three closed YMCA meets (Dual, Invitational or any combination of the two) in order to participate in post-season meets.  


Athletes compete against their own gender and age group (Class) as below:
Class E:  8 & Under
Class D: 9-10
Class C: 11-12
Class B: 13-14
Class A: 15 - 18 (or older if in their senior year of High School for the first time)

Our regular season includes Dual and Invitational Meets and is followed by three levels of post-season meets, with progressively challenging qualifying standards for each event.  Your athlete's season will end upon completion of their highest level of post-season meets with the exception of athletes asked to participate in relays.   The first level is Eastern MA YMCA League Districts held at the end of January, where we compete against qualifying athletes from 35 teams.  The meet takes places over two weekends and each athlete competes in just one 1/2 day session scheduled by Class (age/gender).  The second level is YMCA New Englands which typically takes place in March.  Past New England Meets have been held at Brown University, Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University.  Districts and New Englands only take place during the Fall/Winter Short Course Yard season.  The final level is YMCA National Championships (Short Course Yards held in Fort Lauderdale in April, Long Course Meters held in Georgia in July). 

All information concerning the upcoming season can be found on the our TeamUnify site.  Please feel free to contact Vicky Brienza throughout the season any questions, comments or ideas. Contact her by email: [email protected]