New England Swimming
Level 3

NSSC - Update 9/9/2020

Mathew O'Brien
Hello Everyone,
Less then a week and we are back to NSSC practices!! We hope you are all as excited as we are. Below are a few updates for you. 
1. Please review your online account! Fall Payment # 2, 2021 USA Swimming registration and mandatory clothing have been posted to your account. Double check your roster, location and billing group. Please remember that we are requiring checks before October 1 for payment. Please direct any questions to Program Director- Tony Padvaiskas

2. Your email address in your club portal is your communication with NSSC. It must be an active address that you check often- You are responsible for receiving communications. 

3. Manual and Waivers: If you did not receive the Panda Document last week please email our Administrator, Amy O'Brien, at Your child will not be allowed in the pool until forms are complete. 

4. Later today we will be sending out the optional clothing form via Panda doc. Please complete and submit. Please keep email for future purchases or email  Amy O'Brien, at

5. For our Zoom drylands we are asking that anyone attending to please purchase a set of bands. Below is a link to a good set at wall mart, feel free to find a different brand on a different site. But your bands must have the following 

  1. Different strengths
  2. handles
  3. door anchor


Parents, here are a few things you can do to help ensure a successful season.
1. POSITIVITY – Parents, Coaches, Officials, and other volunteers need to remain upbeat. Allow the kids to be excited to be at the pool participating in swim team!
2. DILLIGENCE – The safety of our children is our top priority. Masks, attendance, and health checks will all be part of the process. Please know the process!
3. PATIENCE – We may not always get it right and we made need to adjust as time goes on and different challenges arise. As a n organization, we are doing our very best to provide a safe, fun season for your kids. We appreciate your partnership.
Head to the NSSC webpage for important information including schedules, COVID-19 safety checklists and much more!
Mathew O'Brien
North Shore Swim Club