New England Swimming
Level 3

Message from Coach Jeff (Gordon college crew)

Hello NSSC swimmers:

I am starting an open water swimming program that is available to all NSSC “Green” level swimmers. We are fortunate to have a strong local open water community with some of the most beautiful swimming locations in the region.

No open water experience is necessary to participate. I will teach you everything you need to know. My focus will be safety, open water skills, and fun!

Please see the attached document for more details on this exciting new program.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] to be added to the distribution list.


Coach Jeff (Gordon crew)



I am excited to share my passion for open water swimming with NSSC Green swimmers. Here are the details of this new program.

  • We will swim as a group approximately every other Sunday for an hour, mid-June through mid-September.


  • This program is intended to supplement pool time; however, you do not need to be an active summer NSSC swimmer to participate.


  • Practice location(s) and time(s) will be chosen based on what is most convenient for you. Great local options include:
    • Stiles Pond, Boxford, MA
    • Walden Pond, Concord, MA
    • Upper Mystic Lake, Medford, MA
    • Plum Island, Newburyport MA, late summer


  • We will participate in optional fun races throughout the summer:
    • You don’t need to attend practices to race, and you don’t need to race to attend a practice.
    • At a race, you can expect to be faster than the rest of the field. Don’t be surprised if you come home with a trophy!
    • A list of races that we are targeting is included at the end of this document. I have personally participated in all of them. They are appropriate for Green level swimmers.


  • My focus for this group will be:
    • Safety: Never swim alone. Always wear a swim buoy. Know the weather forecast. We will always stay together as a group.
    • Open water technique: sighting, pacing, drafting, tempo, and racing.
    • Fun! Bring a friend or family member. The more the merrier.


  • There are so many things to love about open water swimming. Here is a short list of benefits:
    • Build confidence and endurance. Open water swimming will make you faster in the pool.
    • Connect with nature. Walden pond is famous for its pristine beauty. I promise there will not be creepy crawlies.
    • Make friends. Grab a group of friends from your practice group and plan to make new friends from other NSSC pools.
    • Sense of accomplishment. Unlike the pool, you can actually visualize a 2,000 yard set.
    • Explore fun new sports like triathlon and OTILLO swimrun
    • Add one more sport to your college application!
    • Most importantly, take advantage of your hard earned and extraordinary swimming abilities. Swimming in a pond, lake or ocean give you a deep sense of adventure and freedom. Swimming and racing in the open water is a unique experience that very few people have ability or skill to be able to enjoy.


  • Open Water Races:
    • Here is a list of great local open water races. Details will need to be finalized in the future because most are not yet confirmed due to Covid.







Jun 12?, Sat


Mashpee, MA

Mashpee Super Swim

0.5 mi, 1 mi, 3.1 mi

  • 8:45 AM John's Pond
  • Beautiful pond swim
  • Lots of club swimmers typically attend

Jul 17?, Sat


Manchester, MA

Misery Challenge

1.5 mi, 3 mi

  • 7:30 AM Manchester Bay
  • Multi-sport vibe (swim SUP, row, kayak)
  • Ocean swim (wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions)

Jul 24?, Sat (unconfirmed)

Lancaster, MA

Miles 4 Michelle

0.5 mi, 1 mi

  • 9:00 AM Fort Pond
  • Beautiful pond swim
  • Lots of USA club swimmers attend
  • Family atmosphere and inspiring cause

Aug 7, Sat (Confirmed)

Salem, MA

Wild Fish Open Water Swim Festival

0.5 mi, 1 mi, 2 mi

  • 10:30 AM Collins Cove
  • Ocean swim

Aug 14?, Sat (unconfirmed)

Gloucester, MA

Celebrate the Clean Harbor Swim

1.2 mi

  • 7:00 AM? Southeast Harbor
  • Shoreline ocean swim
  • Not offered every year
  • Very fun and low key
  • Lots of young club swimmers

Sep 11?, Sat


Boston, MA

Sharkfest — Boston

1.5 km

  • 8:00 AM Boston Harbor
  • Epic race
  • This will be the highlight of your summer