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Proof-of-Age Requirement Per New England Swimming

Swimmers 19 years of age and younger must supply appropriate proof-of-age documentation to the New England Swimming office when submitting registration forms.

Registered swimmers aged 19-and-under without proof-of-age documentation on file after January 1, 2012 will be registered with a probationary status. These swimmers are permitted to practice with their club (and are covered by USA Swimming insurance), but are not permitted to enter or compete in any competition. Any team that enters a probationary swimmer into a meet will be subject to a fine of $100 per swimmer.

Proof-of-age documentation is required once per swimmer. Transfer swimmers with proof-of-age recorded in the USA Swimming SWIMS database by another LSC are not required to re-submit proof-of-age documentation to New England Swimming. All proof-of-age documentation, once processed by the New England Swimming office and recorded in SWIMS, will be shredded.

Copies (certified copies are not required) of any one of the following documents, listing name and date of birth, will be accepted as proof-of-age:

  • Official birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • Alien registration card issued by United States government
  • Certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age
  • Certificate of an American citizen born abroad issued by the appropriate government agency

The following documents will not be accepted as proof-of-age:

  • Hospital record
  • Baptismal record
  • Religious certificate

Printable Proof of age policy