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                                                                                              UVAC ZEST Awards

                                                                              Dedicated to the memory of Dorsi Raynolds


Zest is a word that the team came to recognize as the embodiment of Dorsi Raynolds  and her coaching style and way of life. Dorsi lived her life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy. Her life’s work was to impart her love of swimming into her swimmers and into the sport. It is with this in mind that the UVAC Zest award was created. Each month a swimmer from each training group will receive a towel which is embroidered with the UVAC logo as well as the word Zest. Thank you to the Parent Council for providing the team with these beautiful towels.


The following athletes have received the UVAC ZEST award. These athletes exemplify the meaning of the word zest as well as showing kindness and giving support to their teammates, being dedicated to the sport and to improving their skills, and possessing great enthusiasm for swimming!


                                    Devo                       Junior                        Pre Senior                       Senior


October                  Allison Hale         Jordan Roosevelt               Rosie Keith                   Molly Hackett


November              Hailey Belardo        Lila Gunnerson              Hunter Harris                Maggie Wenger


December             Jacob St. Peter         Ava Bidlack                   Kelly Jackson                  Zethan Moss


January                  Alex McNee           Aiden Caulfield                 Klarey Black                     Issy Hiller


February                Myles Gordon         Kylie Waterman            Maddie Manning                Vera Rivard  


March                 Justine Savellano           Isak Tell                  Andres Savellano               Grace Wenger


June                              N/A                  Maddie Waller                Jackie Hazen                      Salli Lubbe


July                      Joshua Bagatell         Lucas Hammond          Tirza Savellano                 Noa Chambers   


August                   Lia Hammond             Ollie St. Peter                 Rosie Keith                    Brandy Lewis


September          Brayden Gabriel      Owen Patton-Martin           Marlie Smith                  Emma Dunbar