YNS Sharks Philosophy

The YNS team is driven towards developing the best combination of competitive swimmers and human beings through the strengths of innovative coaching techniques and strategies, supportive parental involvement and integration of the core values of the YMCA – Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

YNS pledges to maintain an infrastructure of children, coaches and parents who create the platforms and opportunities for each and every swimmer to fulfill their goals and their potential as a person, swimmer and a member of the team.

The YNS swim team is an integral part of the overall YMCA of the North Shore. The YMCA of the North Shore has many competitive teams and organizations under its umbrella and we, like all others, have a responsibility to uphold the core values of YMCA. That being said, it must be understood that as individuals and as a team we must work hard to:

*Represent the YMCA to the best of our abilities
*Support all efforts that involve treating our YMCA facilities with respect and care
*Co-exist in the YMCA organization with all of the other teams and individuals that are part of the membership
*Participate in all initiatives that involve the improvement of the YMCA at all levels

The YNS swim team is unique in that although we are a YMCA swim team, we are also able to compete in USA Swimming as a club team. As a parent and a swimmer, it must be understood that there are many differences between these two bodies of swimming and it is important to have a discussion with a member of the coaching staff so that you are able to make informed decisions about participation in USA meets and/or YMCA meets.