Reid Sacco Recap

Alessandro Eramo
Nov 7, 2018

The Sharks had a great weekend at our annual Reid Sacco Trials/Finals meet! Although a three days trials/finals meet can be very exhausting, YNS swimmers found success on all three days of the meet. It was great to watch our team bond over the course of three days, cheer on eachother over every lane, and compete in up to 10 events between trials and finals total over the weekend! The coaches were all impressed by the great team environment throughout the weekend, and of course - the performances of all athletes.

A message from our meet directors Mary Sparks and Dede Atwood:

Again we want to truly thank all of our wonderful volunteers for being so helpful and willing to step up and give their time and energy to make such an important swim meet happen.  We are so thankful to all of you!!!

We wanted to especially thank a few parents who again went above and beyond-

Mrs. Panagos was so great to agree to be the head timer for Friday night  which we all know can be challenging with all of the parents jumping in and out to time their own swimmers. Our parking lot volunteers as always thank you for going above and beyond to direct all of the parents to designated parking areas even in horrible weather.  Mr. and Mrs. Reader came in to work together to help in the parking lot. When contacted on Friday Mr. Wemmer happily came in on Saturday morning in the rain and helped with parking.  Mrs. Dobson helped out on both Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. McLaughlin jumped in to help in the parking lot when he saw a need. Our clean up volunteers Mr. McFadden and Mrs. Cedillo did such a great job and cleaned up throughout both sessions on Saturday which helped us be ready for Sunday morning. 

I just wanted to make note that my oldest daughter Juliet has been on the swim team for the last 9 years and this is the first meet that I have seen such great communication by the volunteers and such a willingness to help out.  I had numerous parents approach me to ask where they could help out.  We had parents splitting timing sessions and helping their fellow parents out if they needed to come late or needed to leave early.  

Dede and I have been so impressed with everyone’s positive attitudes and willingness to pitch in.  We do realize there are still a few parents that may not feel comfortable helping out but our goal is to have everyone feeling comfortable and helping out in some way so that we can make everyones work lighter and make the meets as fun, safe and successful as possible.  If there are ever any questions please do not hesitate to ask us we are more than happy to help.  



We would like to highlight ALL finals swims that our swimmers competed in this weekend. 

400 IM

2nd – Sophia Lumino

4th – Hannah Perkins

7th – Elizabeth Athanas

10th – Shea Furse

14th – Grace Perkins

15th – Amelia Stacy

7th – Jake Thomas

500 Free

3rd – Camille Martin

4th – Paige Panagos

5th – Brooke Wager

7th – Sandy Colameta

10th – Helen Langer

12th – Sofia Blomqvist

16th – Elsa Anderson

6th – Theo Chemel

8th – Matthew Brown

11th – Andrew Krut

14th – Matthew Long

50 Free


1st – Bella Takata

6th – Sophia Weiner

7th – Michelle Pichardo-Cedillo

8th – Finn Bergquist

10th – Corinne Anderson

11th – Evie Oosting

15th – Madeleine Hallowes

16th- Kate Dulac

3rd – Zachary Dasilva-Grondin

5th – Diego Sanson

7th – Wes Ross

8th – Will Kennedy

9th – Logan Doody

10th – Liam Driscoll

14th – Andrew Silva

15th – Zalen Stason

16th – Ben Long


3rd – Shea Furse

4th – Anna Coleman

8th – Paige Panagos

15th – Saylor Caruso

3rd – Daniel McLaughlin

4th – Theo Chemel

5th – Jake Thomas

8th – Cole Brooks

11th – Matthew Long

16th – Daniel Voner


3rd – Sophia Lumino

8th – Grace Athanas

9th – Sandy Colameta

14th – Camille Martin

14th – Maddie Katz

8th – Brian Coleman

200 Back


2nd – Grace Perkins

5th – Lucy Brown

7th – Sophia Weiner

8th – Mia McCoy

10th – Karli Atwood

11th – Kelly Uribe

12th – Song Waitekus

16th – Tia Sparks

1st – Seva Kitov


2nd – Shea Furse

3rd – Brooke Wager

5th – Paige Panagos

7th – Hannah Perkins

9th – Amelia Stacy

10th – Meredith Yuhasz

11th – Clementine Robins

12th – Hannah McCarthy

13th – Saylor Caruso

15th – Riley Reader

2nd – Theo Chemel

3rd – Daniel McLaughlin

8th – Morgan Taylor


1st – Catherine Christuk

4th – Helen Langer

7th – Kali Vetree

8th – Erica Luo

11th – Elsa Anderson

13th – Sofia Blomqvist

16th – Jordan Reader

9th – John Driscoll

13th – Matthew Brown

14th – Brendan Hopping

100 Free


4th – Lucy Brown

5th – Michelle Pichardo-Cedillo

8th – Sophia Weiner

12th – Madeleine Hallowes

13th – Evie Oosting

14th – Hannah Powers

15th – Kate Dulac

2nd – Zachary DaSilva-Grondin

4th – Seva Kitov

6th – Diego Sanson

7th – Ben Terentiyev

9th – Wes Ross

11th – Liam Friis

12th – Logan Doody

13th – Andrew Silva

14th – Colby McLaughlin

16th – Liam Driscoll


2nd – Hannah Perkins

7th – Paige Panagos

8th – Shea Furse

10th – Brooke Wager

14th – Saylor Caruso

4th – Daniel McLaughlin

6th – Theo Chemel

8th – Jake Thomas

10th – Matthew Long

15th – Cole Brooks


4th – Amanda Wager

6th – Sandy Colameta

11th – Camille Martin

12th – Catherine Christuk

13th – Maddie Katz

14th – Grace Athanas

15th – Adjoa Acquaah

5th – Brian Coleman

200 Fly


2nd – Grace Perkins

4th – Corinne Anderson

5th – Mia McCoy

6th – Karli Atwood

11th – Tia Sparks


6th – Ryan McFadden


6th – Ivy Joyal

8th – Elsa Anderson

7th – Brian Coleman

11th – Matthew Brown

100 Breast


3rd – Corinne Anderson

5th – Bella Takata

6th – Song Waitekus
7th – Grace Perkins

11th – Finn Bergquist

12th – Hannah Powers

13th – Madi Moseley

15th – Hannah Ryan

1st – Ben Terentiyev

3rd – Diego Sanson

4th – Zachary DaSilva-Grondin

6th – Liam Friis

7th – Will Kennedy

8th – Logan Mysliwy

11th – Colby McLaughlin


1st – Hannah Perkins

3rd – Brooke Wager

7th – Riley Reader

8th – Ariel Larrabee

9th – Anna Coleman

12th – Raegan Redmond

13th – Amelia Stacy

15th – Hannah McCarthy

16th – Meredith Yuhasz

3rd – Jake Thomas

5th – Morgan Taylor

10th – Bryan Uribe

11th – Daniel Voner

14th – Cole Brooks


2nd – Amanda Wager

3rd – Liz Dokina

4th – Sophia Lumino

7th – Grace Athanas

8th – Maddie Katz

9th – Sandy Colameta

10th – Helen Langer

13th – Camille Martin

15th – Adjoa Acquaah

100 IM

2nd – Bella Takata

5th – Mia McCoy

6th – Song Waitekus

8th – Lucy Brown

10th – Kelly Uribe

11th – Karli Atwood

12th – Finn Bergquist

13th – Michelle Pichardo-Cedillo

3rd – Seva Kitov

5th – Ben Terentiyev

6th – Will Kennedy

7th – Wes Ross

10th – Andrew Silva

11th – Liam Friis

12th – Logan Doody

13th – Colby McLaughlin

15th – Liam Driscoll

100 Back


3rd – Lucy Brown

6th – Mia McCoy

9th – Kelly Uribe

10th – Sophia Weiner

11th – Karli Atwood

13th – Michelle Pichardo-Cedillo

14th – Kate Dulac

15th – Evie Oosting

1st – Seva Kitov

4th – Diego Sanson

6th – Wes Ross

10th – Colby McLaughlin

11th – Ben Long

12th – James Willett

13th – JP Zeeh


2nd – Shea Furse

3rd – Brooke Wager

6th – Paige Panagos

10th – Hannah McCarthy

11th – Meredith Yuhasz

12th – Saylor Caruso

14th – Peyton Gibbs

15th – Raegan Redmond

2nd – Daniel McLaughlin

3rd – Theo Chemel

4th – Jake Thomas

8th – Morgan Taylor

12th – Daniel Voner

14th – Bryan Uribe

15th – Teddy Archer


2nd – Catherine Christuk

6th – Helen Langer

13th – Joanna Mullen

14th – Kali Vetree

15th – Sofia Blomqvist

Brian Coleman

200 Free


2nd – Grace Perkins

5th –Corinne Anderson

15th – Elizabeth Dynok

2nd – Ben Terentiyev

10th – Yuri Volkov

11th – Josh Burrell

12th – JP Zeeh


2nd – Hannah Perkins

8th – Anna Coleman

9th – Paige Panagos

10th – Amelia Stacy

15th – Saylor Caruso

2nd – Theo Chemel

6th – Matthew Long

7th – Daniel Voner

11th – Morgan Taylor


2nd – Amanda Wager

6th – Sandy Colameta

7th – Camille Martin

11th – Helen Langer

12th – Maddie Katz

13th – Sofia Blomqvist

16th – Maddie Carvalho

13th – Josh Dobson

100 Fly

200 Breast

200 IM

100 Fly


5th – Mia McCoy

6th – Finn Bergquist

7th – Karli Atwood

12th – Elizabeth Dynok

13th – Nathalie Simon

14th – Ella Tran

15th – Bridget Ayles

4th – Will Kennedy

6th – Diego Sanson


6th – Shea Furse

11th – Anna Coleman

16th – Carson Komishane

6th – Matthew Long

13th – Ryan McFadden

14th – Teddy Archer


2nd – Sophia Lumino

8th – Elizabeth Athanas

10th – Maddie Carvalho

13th – Ivy Joyal

15th – Kali Vetree

13th – Lucas Perez

16th – Kevin Pichardo-Cedillo

200 Breast


10th – Corinne Anderson

12th – Bella Takata

13th – Song Waitekus

16th – Tia Sparks

17th – Hannah Ryan

3rd – Colby McLaughlin


2nd – Brooke Wager

7th – Annabelle Wemmer

3rd – Jake Thomas

6th – Bryan Uribe


2nd – Amanda Wager

3rd – Liz Dokina

5th – Elizabeth Athanas

9th – Joanna Mullen

13th – Zoe Sideris

200 IM


2nd – Grace Perkins

5th – Lucy Brown

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