Senior Spotlight - Josh Dobson

Alessandro Eramo

Hometown: Essex, Ma


High School: Manchester-Essex Regional High School


College: Undecided (top choice UMass Dartmouth)


Major: Engineering


Swimming in College?: Yes


Years on YNS: 5


Josh’s swimming story: As a young kid I was terrified of water and swimming. Eventually I would take swim lessons and join a pre-team at the MAC. In 2014 I joined my high school team and loved it. In 2015 I joined YNS. On YNS I have become more competitive and hard working. The friends I have on this team have made the sport more enjoyable and fun. From laughing while swimming to supporting each other at swim meets are some memories I have made with my friends and teammates.


Fun Facts about Josh: I am self learning carpentry. I love kayaking, biking, and history.