Senior Spotlight - Molly Zelloe

Alessandro Eramo


Hometown: Marblehead, Ma


High School: Marblehead High School


College: Smith College


Major: Neuroscience/Comparative Literature/Economics


Swimming in College?: Yes


Years on YNS: 10 years


Molly’s swimming story: I have had the honor of knowing many people through YNS, forging relationships that otherwise would’ve never existed. There is a bond like no other that comes from training (and suffering) with others; your lane becomes your family. With them, there is nothing you cannot endure, no set too daunting (unless the intervals are too fast and I have to change lanes to avoid getting run over by the boys). The community is a mosaic of people, from various towns and grades, uniting for a singular purpose: to swim. This journey hasn’t been smooth in the slightest, not only in terms of physical challenges that arise with each practice, but the mental obstacles that come with them. YNS has done so much for me, allowing me not only to train but to embrace a role of leadership in the community through teaching swim lessons and coaching pre-team. It truly pains me to think of saying goodbye, and hopefully that day is months in the future. To swim is more than being weightless, to swim is to be home. Thank you to everyone who has made my experience on YNS as wonderful as it has been!


Fun Facts about Molly: Fun fact: I was in Paris when Notre Dame caught fire and had planned to see it the next morning (oh well...). In terms of hobbies outside of swimming, I enjoy reading, painting, and playing piano.


"There's magic everywhere if you squint" - Maggie Stiefvater