New England Swimming
Level 3

*Important News* -- End of SC Season/Beginning of LC Season

Dave Modzelewski

Greetings YNS Families,

As we approach the end of our Short Course Season (September-March) and aim towards the beginning of our Long Course Season (April-July), it is important to let you know of a few key dates and other things that we are planning for our Sharks Swimmers.

Last Day of Short Course Season Practice


  • The goal of our PreTeam is to mirror our Competitive Team as closely as possible. This includes following Season Plans that are created for all groups.
  • After every season, it is important for the Coaching Staff and Swimmers to take a short break to refresh their mental and physical health, as well as have time to prepare for the next season.
  • After receiving feedback from many families, our last PreTeam practice of the Short Course Season will be:
    • Beverly: Thursday, March 23rd
    • Ipswich: Saturday, March 25th
    • Marblehead: Thursday, March 23rd
    • Salem: Thursday, March 23rd

Bronze, Silver, Gold, PreSenior, Senior, & Senior Elite:

  • Monday, March 27th
  • A Specific Practice Schedule will be emailed out with Times for each group for this day
  • There will also be a Season Ending Party for all attendees of this fun practice at each location

Florida Meet / SC Zones Attendees:

  • Tuesday, March 28th from 5:30pm-7:00pm @ Beverly
  • This practice is for ALL SWIMMERS attending the Florida Meet or SC Zone Championships, and will be the only practice offered at any site this day. If you are attending the Florida Meet, this is an opportunity to get everyone together to discuss Meet Expectations and practice together.

First Day of Long Course Season Practice

PreTeam, Bronze, Silver, Gold, PreSenior, Senior, & Senior Elite:

  • The first full week of April, starting April 11th, will be the beginning of the Long Course Season for all of our Locations.
  • There will be no Practice Monday, April 10th in observance of Easter Monday.

Long Course Season Registration

New this season, we will be conducting a new Registration on our TeamUnify Website. This Registration is to ensure a proper and accurate Swimmer Count as we approach the Long Course Season. There are many moving pieces at the beginning of each season, and having an accurate Swimmer Count will help the Coaching Staff create the best possible experience for all of our Swimmers.

We are NOT asking anyone to re-register with the YMCA. There will NOT be any Program Fee increases or changes in Billing Schedules other than what each family is currently scheduled for.

The only fees associated with this Registration are those associated with your TeamUnify account, and would only include any outstanding Meet Entry Fees currently owed.

We are asking that if you plan on swimming with us this Long Course Season, to please complete the Team Registration ASAP. The Registration DEADLINE for the LC Season is Saturday, April 1st!

  • If you plan to swim, complete the Registration, and choose your Swimmer’s CURRENT GROUP
  • If you plan to swim for a portion of the season, complete the Registration, and choose your Swimmer’s CURRENT GROUP
  • If you don’t plan to swim, do not complete the Registration
    • Sidenote: If you plan to take the Summer off and return in the Fall, please let the Coaching Staff know, so we can place your Swimmer in a specific group so you will still receive Team email communications

Swimmer Group Promotions/Placement

Our Coaching Staff will be evaluating each Swimmer on an individual basis, as well as our groups at each YNS Swim Team location for the best and most appropriate placement to provide the best learning environment to create the best overall atmosphere and experience all of our YNS Swimmers.

Once all Swimmers have been evaluated, and our Groups have been finalized, we will post all Swimmer/Group Placements on the Team Website (locked behind login). The Coaching Staff will change any groups in your TeamUnify accounts that need to be changed to reflect their accurate group placement.

New Swimmer Evaluations

During the next few weeks, we will be conducting New Swimmer Evaluations for the upcoming Long Course Season (April-July) for all of our groups PreTeam through Senior Elite. If you have or know of a Swimmer who is interested please contact one of the Coaches below:

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Dave.

Thank you & Go Sharks!

~ Your YNS Coaching Staff