New England Swimming
Level 3

YNS PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) Structure


YNS Coach -  Leader: Dave Modzelewski (Head Coach) & Jackie Russolillo (Head Age Group Coach)

  • Oversee overall vision of Team
  • Sets up appropriate schedule for team including
    • Practice
    • Meets
    • YMCA events

PAC President – Leader: Greg Dwyer - [email protected] 

  • Monitor to ensure the PAC is keeping within the YMCA guidelines and YNS structure and goals.
  • Provide guidance and direction to the members on the needs and desires of YNS.
  • Assist and oversee all PAC functions to achieve all goals.
  • Seek out new potential PAC members and replace committee members when needed
  • Work with Head Coach and PAC Committee leaders to ensure the PAC is meeting and exceeding all expectations, and staying within the guidelines of the PAC structure
  • Provide guidance and direction to the members concerning YNS hosted meets

Social Events – Leader: 

  • Work with coaching staff to schedule events and practices that will bring together swimmers of different groups and YNS locations
  • Work with PAC President to schedule all team functions – banquet, pool party, etc.
  • Work with coaching staff to schedule community outreach events

New Families – Leaders: 

  • Welcome new families to the team and ensure they are educated with YNS team procedures; website 101, volunteer program, etc.
  • Work with YNS Head Coach’s to ensure website is updated with latest communications.

Officials – Leader: 

  • Communicate with parents and NE officials to ensure we have sufficient trained officials for home meets.
  • Work with all YNS officials to encourage we have presence at away meets.
  • Recruit new officials.

Concessions & Hospitality - Leader: 

  • Coordinate home swim meet snack bar.
  • Coordinate hospitality at home swim and dive meets.
  • Work with Head Coach’s to ensure the snack bar is fully stocked and cleaned for swim meets.

Sponsorships – Leader:

  • Coordinating volunteers for fundraising events
  • Ads for programs
  • Approaching businesses for donations
  • Approaching businesses for banner sponsorships

Site Leads:

  • Beverly
  • LVO: 
  • Ipswich
  • Salem