Parent Education:

Swim Meet Basics - Please read before your child's first swim meet.

USA Swimming Announces 7-Point Action Plan for a Safe and Positive Sport Environment

10 Commandments for Swimming Parents

Parent and Athlete Articles

September 2012 Article

October 2012 Article

November 2012 Article - Mental Toughness!

December 2012 Article on Winning

Mental Focus + Fun = Fast - An article for those interested in College Swimming.

Shaklee Sports Nutrition

Shaklee Sports Nutrition - Hydration

Is Winning All That Counts?

Turning On and Off the Athlete Self - Psychology Today

Feeding Teen Swimmers

USA Swimming Proof of Age Requirement 


Your Child's Training / Growth and Development

Advantages of USA Swimming Memberships for YMCA Swim Teams

What do Coaches Really do for Athletes

Understanding Athlete Progressions of Training

Rules Primer

Physical Growth and Maturation

Training for Age Group Group Swimmers

Your Child's Training

Swimming 101

Swim Equipment

College Swimming Articles

College initiated a series of articles for prospective college swimmers and their parents. We have linked the articles below:

  1. What do Coaches Look for?
  2. When Do Coaches Begin Recruiting?
  3. How Common is a "Full Ride"?
  4. Under What Circumstances Would a Coach NOT Renew a Scholarship?
  5. How Common is it to "Give Back" a Scholarship?
  6. When is it Appropriate to Ask about Scholarhsip Money?
  7. Sign in the Spring or the Fall?
  8. Is your Datebook Full?

College Meeting Information - October, 2012

College Information - October 2012