New England Swimming
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Information pertaining to the dry-land side of training


Nutrition Information

Speedo Tip of the Week - Nutrition Tips to Fuel Success in the Pool

Analyzing Your Diet

Eating Colorful Foods: Anti-oxidants vs free radicals

Fluids-Water vs Sports Drink

Fueling Your Stroke

Healthy Meals for Swimmers on the Go

How Much is Enough

Quick Tips

Timing is Everything

The Power of Protein



Shoulder Exercises


The effects of an exercise intervention on forward head and rounded shoulder postures in elite swimmers: Posted 6/3/2010


Health and Wellness

Please read the Alert carefully and note that pseudoephedrine has returned to the prohibited list.  This impacts many over the counter cold medications that are commonly used.  Athletes may not have this substance in their system during a competition

All athletes must check the status of all medications (over the counter and prescription) with USADA at 1-800-233-0393 or online at