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How to Open Water Swim Year Round

How Runners and Cyclists Can Become Natural Swimmers 

Developing a Stretching Routine For Swimmers 

Great Breakfast Ideas for the Busy Athlete

- Recovery Swims 


Pool Workouts 2021

February                       March                             April

Week of 2/1/21 Workouts   |   Week of 3/1/21 Workouts   |   Week of 4/5/21 Workouts

Week of 2/8/21 Workouts   |   Week of 3/8/21 Workouts   |   Week of 4/12/21 Workouts

Week of 2/15/21 Workouts   |   Week of 3/15/21 Workouts   |   Week of 4/19/21 Workouts 

Week of 2/22/21 Workouts   |   Week of 3/23/21 Workouts   |   Week of 4/26/21 Workouts 

|   Week of 3/29/21 Workouts   |


May                       June                             July

Week of 5/3/21 Workouts   |   Week of 6/7/21 Workouts   |   Week of 7/5/21 Workouts

Week of 5/10/21 Workouts   |   Week of 6/14/21 Workouts  |   Week of 7/12/21 Workouts

Week of 5/31/21 Workouts   |   Week of 6/28/21 Workouts   |   Week of 7/19/21 Workouts

                                              |                                                |   Week of 7/26/21 Workouts


August                           September                      October

Week of 8/2/21 Workouts   |   Week of 9/6/21 Workouts   |   Week of 10/4/21 Workouts

Week of 8/9/21 Workouts   |   Week of 9/13/21 Workouts   |   Week of 10/18/21 Workouts

Week of 8/16/21 Workouts   |   Week of 9/20/21 Workouts   |   Week of 10/25/21 Workouts

Week of 8/30/21 Workouts   |   Week of 9/27/21 Workouts   |                                               



Dryland Workouts

Upper Body Excercises for Swimmers 

Lower Body Excercises for Swimmers 

Dryland Excercises to Improve Freestyle 

Dryland Excercises to Improve Breaststroke


Open Water Resources 

Many swimmers on our team have taken to places like, Stiles Pond, Hood Pond, Chebacco Lake, Singing beach, Niles beach and various others around the area to get their workouts in. If you plan to utilize one of the local swimming areas, please make sure that you research and abide by all rules before setting out, and that you practice social distancing by limiting the number of people in your swim group. 

If you are interested in branching into open water swimming, but don’t know where to start, here is a great article that I came across with some tips as well as different workouts that you can use while open water swimming. I have also included some videos about sighting techniques and other helpful info.