About the Sharks!

The Baldwinsville Sharks Swim Club (“BSSC”) was established in 1966 by a small but dedicated group of parents.  Over the years, many parents have contributed much of their time and effort to ensure that the opportunity for a competitive swimming experience is available to all youthin our community.  Since its inception, the Club has been privileged to have many dedicated coaches, beginning with the Sharks’ very first coach – Gert Watt.  

If longevity alone were considered the mark of a successful program, the fact that the Sharks have participated in each and every season for 50+ years without interruption would speak for itself.  However, possibly a more accurate measure of an athletic program’s success is the documented performance of the athletes, of which the Sharks have been overwhelmingly successful.

Description and Philosophy

The BSSC is a sanctioned member of the Niagara District of United States Swimming.  The Niagara District is composed of member clubs in the geographic area consisting of that portion of New York State west of and including Oswego, Onondaga, Cortland and Broome Counties.  There are approximately 4,500 swimmers in our District. 

The BSSC is a competitive swim club and is dedicated to the development and enhancement of competitive swimming for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and18.  Swimmers compete in the following age groups:  8 years of age and under; 9 and 10 years of age; 11 and 12 years of age; 13 and 14 years of age; 15 years and older. Our general objective is to provide each swimmer with the opportunity to become the best they can be within the parameters of their family and academic life.  This objective allows for a great deal of individual variation in training programs.  By nature, swimming is a very demanding sport requiring dedication and attention to detail, and from this dedication, individual success is derived from the team concept. 

We believe that it is the competitive swimming journey and the concurrent dedication to individual excellence that helps young athletes develop the self-esteem and self-awareness necessary for success and happiness in adulthood.  A large part of this growth comes from setting tough, but realistic goals; disciplining oneself through a daily training regimen, modifying goals based on changing conditions, and persisting until the goals are achieved.  It is this dedication to excellence that is at the root of the BSSC Program. Our swim season is divided into two seasons – Fall/Winter and Spring. We are members of the Niagara District of USA swimming.