Swim Bag Packing List

Here's a list of items your swimmer's bag should contain when attending a meet. Be sure to label everything with your swimmer's name - bags, suits, goggles, towels, etc. look alike, especially new meet t-shirts!

  • Team Suit - Always pack a spare suit (they do fall apart sometimes!).
  • Team Swim Cap - Pack two, they tear easily!
  • Team T-Shirt - To ward off the chill and look like a team.
  • Goggles - At least two pair (straps break!). You can also pack extra straps, so favorite goggles can be saved (but, replacement takes time - thus the need for an extra pair). Always alternate two pair during practice. NEVER wear untested, new goggles at a meet.
  • Deck Sandals - There's plenty of ways to pick up infection and get injured around the pool. MAKE them wear sandals on EVERY pool deck - inside or outside! Their primary means of propulsion is their feet!
  • Towels - Pack at least two (big ones). Everything around the pool gets wet! Some swimmers like to have one just for warm ups and then one or two for their events.
  • Something Warm to Wear - Team warm up suit, or Team sweats, or Team fleece jacket; more towels (swimmers like to wrap themselves in towels - it's easy!).  Others also like to use a blanket or sleeping bag for the floor. 
  • Water Bottle - A big one, with water in it! Or bottles of sports drink. Swimmers dehydrate easily. They don't realize they are sweating!
  • Snacks - Raisins, trail mix, goldfish, grapes, small chunks of fruit or veggies; favorite dry cereals in Ziploc bags; string cheese; beef jerky; Gatorade Bars or Power Bars; ask around for ideas!
  • Toiletries - Swim shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, comb, contact solution, girls only stuff, deodorant, and other bathroom stuff.
  • A DRY Change of Clothes - For after the meet (to remain dry in a swim bag they must be in a separate compartment or Ziploc bag!).
  • INHALERS - If your child is asthmatic, this is the most important thing they own. Different environments have different triggers that can set off an attack. Tell the coach if your child has asthma and where they can find their inhalers! Pack their inhalers! ame for other medications.
  • Entertainment Items - Books (for reading and school work), MP3 playing cards, etc. There's lots of time between events! You'll be surprised how much homework gets completed at a swim meet.
  • Extra Plastic Bags - For keeping things dry (various sizes)
  • Sharpie Market for marking the swimmer’s cheat sheet on their hand.  This method allows swimmers to know where they need to be for events, which heat they are in, which lane they are swimming in. 
  • A Highlighter for marketing their race info on the program.
  • A Pen for writing down the times your swimmer achieves at the meet
  • Folding Chair to sit in if there are no bleachers which is normally the case in the holding area.

Note Programs at meets are often a few $ ($2.00 to $5.00) and cash is the preferred method.  Food is also available for purchase, but it sometimes gets costly so plan to bring some snacks with you if you want to save some $.