Click on this LINK to open a spreadsheet that you can use to create your goals for the coming season.  You should share these goals with your coaches so that they understand what you are hoping to achieve for the current swim session, and they can help you to fine tune your training and workouts.  

Goals should be ever changing.  This should not be an exercise that you complete and forget about.  Print out your goals, and constantly monitor your progress. 

Goals should be measurable and specific.  When you write a goal, make certain that you can measure the results.  Use specifics like "achieve a time of the 100 Breaststroke" vs. broad statements like "improve my backstroke" .  Making measurable and specific goals allows you and your coach to be on the same page about the desired outcome, and for your coach to give you specific feedback.  


Good luck in your goal setting!  Please see one of your coaches if you need further guidance with this.